Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball Review

Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball Review

Months ago, France hosted this year’s UEFA European Championships. This is a month-long tournament of the best soccer teams in the world and since this is a top-level match, it requires an excellent ball.

Fortunately, Adidas is more than willing to gather the technology and the best engineers in their team to lay out the groundwork for a soccer ball that meets the demands of skilled players and plenty of pressure in the field. We will talk more about a particular Adidas model, the Beau Jeu, in this review.


  • A part of the Euro 2016 lineup and official tournament ball in the UEFA European Championships
  • Thermally bonded for a smooth, sleek surface
  • Has Adidas’ TSBE technology for a more guaranteed trajectory, improved touch and lesser water absorption
  • Cover, bladder, and backing are made with first-rate materials, enabling great performance
  • Given superb FIFA ratings for passing weight, water uptake, shape, and size retention tests
  • Official match size is size 5


UEFA’s Euro 2016 ball was Adidas’ Beau Jeu. The ball had similar characteristics as the brand’s Brazuca—it bears the latter’s 6 PU panels which were thermally-bonded collectively. Due to this 6-panel set-up, it has the flawless roundness which guarantees the ball of excellent, stable flight.

The Beau Jeu has a texture that is a bit coarse unlike the Brazuca. This rougher texture allows for a more improved grip and this hinder a certain movement called knuckling. This knuckling movement is responsible for leading the ball to unpredictable collisions and dives.

Because of the said texture, the ball is a lot easier for players to handle.It also includes a fiberglass print which minimizes the odds of scratches on its printed layers and in turn hinders a causal sequence on the movement qualities.

This match ball is also fitted-out even better and can endure wet conditions since its external shell is more water-resistant compared with its forerunners.

The tournament ball must have sufficient characteristics on it to signify the host nation, which was France. The design includes country’s three national colors. The ball is predominantly white and it makes use of blue and red streaks beside sleek silver edges which represent the highly-coveted Euro prize. The vivid orange highlights enhance airborne visibility for the players of the game.

Also featured throughout the ball’s panels are the letters/numbers ‘E’, ‘U’, ‘R’, ‘O’ and ‘2’, ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘6’. The name of the ball, on the other hand, is derived from a French term which means “nice game.” This was said to be a term that is connected with the sport.

The ball is quick and it features a solid bladder, a potent uniformity in touch and it has that durable feel throughout as long as it is treated in an appropriate manner. It is capable of performing over encumbering weather conditions and above all, the ball is consistent when it comes to flight.

The majority of customers who were satisfied that they bought the ball all agreed they would recommend the item to any soccer fan or a player.


When it comes to quality, this one does not scrimp. Thus, there really is nothing to criticize about with this particular ball. This one, after all, was slated to become the official ball of a prestigious, month-long championship game. Tight research and rigorous tests were done on this model before it was approved by the authorities of the sport.


The Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball or the Beau Jeu is another beautiful output from renowned sports gear giant Adidas. If you are a serious player of the sport, this is something that you have to check out. Those who seek a soccer ball with pro-level/tournament-level characteristics will never be disappointed with this model.

We highly recommend investing your money in this ball if you want a ball that has all the aspects that pro players require.

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