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Top 8 Cool Soccer Balls

Cool Soccer Balls

Cool Soccer balls come in all different colors, sizes, and yes shapes (more on that later). Someone once said, “you can’t play ball without a ball…”, so today we get into what we consider some of the coolest balls on the planet. We are not going just on design, but more on functionality. Since there are so many cool soccer ball designs, it would take years to find the coolest soccer ball designs. Nike alone brings out about 200 different designs every year, well you get the point. I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest soccer balls known to mankind as of today.

By Cool Soccer balls we are talking about a soccer ball that goes above and beyond your regular soccer ball. Not only do these cool soccer balls bring about joy through games, but they are also a little different than your normal regular soccer balls.

They are randomly ordered, so we don’t prefer one over the other and this is not a review of the coolest soccer balls ever, but rather for informational purposes. Sometimes parents or friends of soccer loving players want to purchase a cool soccer ball that is different than what that player may already have at home.

Hover Ball:

Ok remember we said earlier that the cool soccer balls come in different shapes…. Well this is the reason. Usually all of the cool soccer balls are round… except this little cool soccer ball, the hover ball. This is actually half of a soccer ball, with a plastic bottom to help it glide on the floor. Although it’s a super cool soccer ball… it does not “hover” so don’t get your hopes up. It does “glide” on the floor and it won’t scratch the wood floors so don’t worry. It also glides on the carpet.

It’s a cool little soccer ball to have around if you don’t want your kids bouncing balls in the house. AND it can also help with ball control. Our kids use this cool little soccer ball in the home and practice controlling the ball with the sole of their foot, something that is used very effectively in futsal.You can also play a small sided game of soccer with the hover ball. So for the low price and its purpose, the hover ball is definitely a cool soccer ball and now you know why it made our list of cool soccer balls!

Cool Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball:

The glow in the dark soccer ball is one of the coolest soccer balls ever. Who doesn’t love a glow in the dark soccer ball? Even non soccer players will think the glow in the dark soccer ball is cool.

These Light Up LED Soccer Ball Black Limited Edition Glow in the dark soccer balls are quite technologically advanced. The led lights are impact activated and stay on while playing the game. So it’s not just a ball that glows, these are lights which are powered by two Hi Bright LED’s that are a nice fit inside the soccer ball. Some balls are “Impact Activated” which allows it to stay lit while playing, no On & Off Switch to break! 

Yes you can play with it at night and the cool soccer ball will glow, but remember that it must be played in the dark. So even though you won’t be able to see where the goals are, or your teammates, or even the pitch, you can still kick around a nice cool Light Up LED Soccer Ball Black Limited Edition glow in the dark soccer ball. Ideally it’s used more for just pick up games in your backyard. Or maybe just hanging out with friends and doing some juggling or dribblig. It’s obviously unsafe to play in complete darkness, but an actual soccer ball that lights up is a really cool invention and we can all agree it should be on the list of cool soccer balls. Below are two of my favorite.

Cool Baden Sports Color Your Own Soccer Ball:

Ok, We wish this one had been around when we were kids. This cool soccer ball is made by Baden and you get to create your own drawings on it! Wield the power of creativity with the Baden Sports Color Your Own Soccer Ball. Like a textured canvas, the ball is white and edged with designs to bring out the artist within your soccer player. You can color or decorate the ball as desired! Its cushioned and the synthetic construction allows for a soft feel while remaining durable for all your games. The markers are included with this amazing cool soccer ball. It also makes a fun and interactive gift for children of all ages.

Look what others are saying about it “Our 6-year old grandson loves the ball he decorated. He and his older brother had a great time creating their masterpiece”. I have not purchased one of these cool soccer balls before, but I am definitely thinking about it. We think it’s probably better for kids under 10. If you are looking to get your child hooked on a cool soccer ball, this Baden ball may be it!

Baden Coloring Soccer Ball

One World Play Project Ball:

Have you seen this ball? It’s an incredible idea of a cool soccer ball that was created. This is an Ultra-durable cool soccer ball. The manufacturers claim that a single ball can outlast many traditional inflated balls. Here are some more reasons why this is a cool soccer ball.

Never needs a pump and never goes flat…. even when punctured!
Built to withstand the harshest environments but plays great on turf and grass, too
Same size and weight as a standard soccer ball, available in adult size 5 and a youth size 4
To top it off, every time you buy one of these cool soccer balls you are supporting a play project for an organization working with youth in a disadvantaged community. How can this ball not be considered one of the coolest soccer balls of all time!!

The cool ultra-durable soccer ball that plays on and on — anywhere and everywhere. The One World Futbol ball eliminates the need for pumps and needles and the waste of worn-out or broken balls. A single One World Futbol ball can withstand the toughest environments in the world and lasts for years without maintenance, according to the manufacturer.

This cool soccer ball is designed to play on hard surfaces like streets, playgrounds, blacktops, rocky landscapes and dirt lots — but it plays great on sand and turf, too. It is the perfect ball for street soccer, pick-up games, soccer practice and a great way to get out and get exercise.

And then just when you think this ball doesn’t get any cooler, you find out that others are buying this cool soccer ball to play with their dog as well!! Look at what a reviewer said about this cool soccer ball, “Like some others, I didn’t buy this ball to play soccer, but to play with my dog. He goes crazy for soccer balls, and has popped/chewed/destroyed every single one he’s gotten his paws on. This is the first ball, whether made for dogs, sports, artillery, or any other purpose, that actually lives up to its indestructible claim. All of the balls we’ve tried in the pet toy aisle are either 1) made of very tough rubber or foam and last for a while, but inevitably deflate or get torn apart, or 2) made of hard plastic that my dog can’t bite into and play with”.

We better stop writing about this cool little soccer ball before it gets any fancier! On to the next one.

Soccer Training ball:

This is not necessarily a ball, but it’s an item that allows you to turn any regular soccer ball into a cool soccer ball. The Training Soccer Ball or Chord, allows you to do this by purchasing the elastic cord which is normally included and wrapping the net around the ball. I bought this when I was younger and absolutely loved it! It’s a cool soccer ball especially for kids who are motivated to train, but don’t have the space and/or friends to play with.

You can work on all of your soccer skills with this ball and it always comes back to you when you kick it because the other half of the bungee chord is attached to your waist or wrist! Never have to chase down your bad shots again! Come on that alone makes this soccer invention part of the cool soccer balls list. 

The Futsal Ball:

The futsal ball may not be an exact soccer ball per se, but it looks like a soccer ball, it rolls like a soccer ball, it feels like a soccer ball, it scores goals like a soccer ball, only major difference is that a futsal ball will have less bounce. The futsal ball is a cool soccer ball because you can use it indoors and since it has less bounce, this cool soccer futsal ball won’t be breaking things in the home, or bouncing all over the walls and ceilings while playing indoors on hard surfaces. 

We recommend a cool futsal ball for those kids who will be using it to dribble indoors, like inside their home or inside a gym. We also recommend it for those who play futsal or are training in futsal…. like the world’s best players. Because the futsal ball is so versatile and allows you to play indoors, we consider it one of several cool futsal balls..

Inflatable Bubble Bumper Soccer ball:

Ok another oddly shaped soccer ball, but still a cool soccer ball. Not to mention you can fit a person inside of it. This cool soccer ball allows you to play a form of soccer, called Bumper Soccer and several other games that you can make up in your backyard or with your soccer loving friends.

These cool soccer balls are made of pvc material, they are, durable,nontoxic,washable and reusable for the most part. We have used one before, but have not purchased any. They are mostly used (and rented) for parties or even Bubble Soccer leagues, yes they exist! The Cool Bubble soccer Ball is perfect for family get together,birthday bash,end of season party,social sports gathering, bachelor party, even bachelorette party.There’s a lot of bumping, bouncing, rolling and laughing both from the spectators and the participator. You and your friends will be laughing for days after talking about the event.

Professional Balls:

Did I miss any that you think are cool? I know there are many cool soccer ball designs out there, but I wanted to go with the cool soccer balls themselves and what makes them cool and unique. Every year Nike and Adidas come out with cool soccer balls, so I know that they are excellent, but I wanted to bring out the cool soccer ball inventions in this post as well. But since I have so much respect for the new soccer balls as well, here are the coolest soccer balls of 2017 as well!

La Liga Football: Swoosh and La Liga extended their partnership until at least 2019. The new La Liga 2016/17 Ball features the LFP logo instead of the Liga BBVA logo after the Spanish bank announced that they will not remain the main sponsor for the Spanish 1st and 2nd divisions. The new Nike Ordem 4 2016-2017 La Liga Ball carries a spectacular design that draws inspiration from the colors of the Spanish flag. You can quickly find the official match ball for La Liga or the Spanish Football League at Amazon. The mainly white Cool soccer ballcomes with a unique yellow and black line graphic pattern that is combined with bold blue applications to create a design that really stands out. We’ve definitely seen much of this cool soccer ball already on the pitch. The kids love the colors and many parents have purchased this cool soccer ball for their child’s training.

Nike is also the ball supplier for Italian Seria A and the Premier League. This is what Nike says about the Cool soccer ball the Ordem 4. “Developed for elite footballers, the Ordem 4 has been refined around three key elements: construction, material and graphics…..the ball’s graphics follow the design principle of “Flow Motion,” applying a luminance that ensures excellent visibility while the ball is in play”. And there you have it, one of the coolest soccer balls you will see in 2017, the Nike Ordem 4.

Soccer Ball Sizes and Weight

Soccer Ball Sizes and Weight

If you would like to know what soccer ball sizes are right for kids, you’ve come to the right place.

For kids’ soccer games, the recommended sizes are 3, 4 and 5. By implementing the correct size for each age group, children will be apter and ready to progress and learn the skills that are needed in order to master the game.

If you want more information, you can refer to the coaches or the management of children’s soccer leagues regarding the kind of ball that is best for children. Usually, the appropriate ball will be based on the age of a child.

Size 1

Take note that there are also sizes 1 and 2. The size 1 balls are smaller balls that are mainly used for promotions. You will never see this ball used in a tournament or during practice. If you want to make your own soccer practice ground at home, you might benefit from this one. However, this is not good for team practices or anywhere outside the house.

Size 2

The size 2, meanwhile, is also used for promotions and as a souvenir or a gift. It can also be used for practice at home, but due to it being tricky to manage and juggle, this is just used by beginners in order to familiarize themselves with the ball.

Size 3

Kids from up to 7 years of age must make use of a size 3 soccer ball. If you want to determine the size of the ball, make sure to see the printed information that is provided on the ball itself. In case you cannot look for the print, a ball that is termed as a size 3 should have a circumference of 23-24 inches. Make use of an elastic measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the ball.

Size 4

Kids from 8 up to 12 years of age should make use of a size 4 ball for playing the game. A size 4 ball should have a circumference of 25-26 inches.

Size 5

Kids from 12 years and up should use a size 5 soccer ball. This particular size ball has a circumference of 27-28 inches. Size 5 balls are also the recommended size for adult and pro players. FIFA or the International Federation of Association Football applies tests to guarantee that the soccer ball meets the strict standards required by the game and said organization.

If you want a ball that has passed said standard, just look for a FIFA Approved or FIFA Inspected mark on the ball. Balls that have these markings have gone through a series of rigid tests for roundness, weight, rebound, circumference, loss of pressure, absorption, size and shape retention.

A ball that is weighted correctly guarantees a fair and pleasant competition. There are several factors that can affect the weight of a ball, which is the reason why FIFA has founded guidelines to cover them.

For instance, the organization sets air pressure, the quantity of air pressure that the balls are permitted to lose over the course of a play and even on grounds of water absorption, as mentioned earlier in the article. Balls that are size 4 and 5 should be pressurized to a 0.8 bar and it must not lose over 20 percent of air pressure and must take in less than 25 percent of the ball’s weight in water.

Kids do need to enhance handling the ball so employing the appropriate size and weight lets them practice their capabilities without any complications. For instance, playing with a ball that is too big and heavy might make dribbling the ball too hard for such young players.

In addition, kids should practice with a ball that is similar in size to the ball that they will employ during team practices and tournaments. Familiarity with the way how a ball moves and reacts will make it easier for kids to play well.

Soccer Ball Fast Facts

Soccer Ball Fast Facts

Soccer has many fans all over the world and many enjoy this sport better than basketball. This is 90 minutes of pure adrenaline and excitement, thus it has captured the attention of many sports fans world-wide.

The game is undertaken by over 220 million players all over the globe in more than 200 countries, thus it is considered as the world’s most popular sport. There is nothing more global than soccer. However, soccer is nothing without its primary ingredient, the soccer ball.

Its history dates back hundreds of years, with FIFA saying the game was practiced in China during the Han Dynasty. The ball that is utilized in the soccer matches was adapted from the rugby ball. The sport became so popular that individuals who enjoyed the game thought of improving the ball itself to make it more suitable to the conditions of the game.

What is an improved soccer ball made of then? Today, soccer balls are primarily made from rubber material. Hence, we all have to thank Charles Goodyear for bringing us the wonder of the material. Charles Goodyear is responsible for establishing the Goodyear Rubber Company, a firm famous for manufacturing rubber products from tires down to the popular Goodyear Blimp.

The man’s biggest contribution to the industry was his launching rubber and this led to him designing and creating the first vulcanized soccer ball in 1855.

But before the arrival of rubber soccer balls, the items were composed of leather strips that were sewed all over an inflatable bladder. The leather worked decently, but it easily succumbed to wear and tear due to the stress it undergoes during a game. It was not water-resistant as well. With the introduction of leather, the ball made from rubber was lighter, quicker, long-lasting and could tolerate plenty of stress.

Through the years, the ball has transformed and was upgraded constantly. As a matter of fact, massive engineering procedures and experimenting is credited with the overall design of soccer balls. There is huge money invested into this to guarantee that players will get to play the game without any hassles. Even the soccer ball model that Goodyear created is now considered a relic.

However, the man’s involvement in the history of the game is incontestable and essential to the general improvement of the game. Without his contribution, the sport could not have progressed the way it did. His input of engaging rubber in the production of the ball from the rubber blade located within the panels down to its external parts is an important facet in the history of the sport.

The first soccer ball was provided with a buckyball layout with 20 hexagonal shapes in white and 12 standard hexagonal shapes in black. This 32-panel design has turned into the benchmark for soccer balls. The selection of black and white coverings is for the ball to be seen clearly through a field of green, particularly on television airing.

There are plenty of soccer balls varieties. There are balls that are employed for kids’ tournaments and balls used for local games. These are made from artificial materials with just one layer. Items made from leather are also available, but they are more expensive.

Soccer balls come in a variety of weights as well; one can play with a lightweight or a heavier ball. There are also lots of new methods made known in the ball’s design in order to make the whole thing niftier.

Balls for soccer games today are made with even more layers. Adidas, in fact, created a soccer ball with a foam layer beneath the leather covering years back. The balls are manufactured cautiously so that the ball will be capable of moving fast and can swirl while moving in line with the force given to it.

Rotating kicks lead the ball to spin and move in a quick manner. The materials and the design utilized in constructing the ball settle its movements and efficiency during the game.

Now that you are familiar with the history and the workings of the soccer ball, you will begin to appreciate the game even more.