Best Soccer Balls Reviews

Glow in Dark soccer ball

GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball 

Want to have a ton of fun playing soccer at night? What could be cooler than a glow in the dark soccer ball? Check out the new GlowCity glow in the dark soccer ball. 

  • The GlowCity Blazing Smart LED Light Up Soccer Ball is a size 5: The GlowCity LED Soccer Ball can be seen a few hundred yards away so anyone on the pitch can see it, yes even the goalie! 
  • IMPACT ACTIVATED: Our Soccer Ball has a quality like no other. Unlike waiting for a glow in the dark soccer ball to charge under light our smart LED bulbs are instant!
  • SUPER BRIGHT: At night two Hi Bright LED's will fully illuminate the soccer ball into a magnificent Glow. Both intensely bright LED's are designed to fit inside the soccer ball.
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Nylon wound, very strong soccer ball. Batteries are included as well as very easily replaceable. In addition we are now including a second set of batteries with our blazing soccer ball! Our rubber grommets protect the LEDs to make the soccer ball fully water resistant.
  • FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: GlowCity strives to provide the best customer service to our customers. We provide a 60-day hassle free repair/replace guarantee on all our products.

Includes Preinstalled Hi Bright LED's

When you receive your Blazing Red Soccer Ball the lights and batteries will already be installed in the ball. All you will need to do is fill the ball with air and you are ready to go.

We are also now including replacement batteries with the LED Blazing Red Soccer Ball!

Plays And Feels Like Any Other Soccer Ball:

Even during the daytime no one would know how cool your soccer ball was. It looks completely like a regular soccer ball but wait till it gets dark out!

Wait Till Night Falls:

Playing a Soccer game at night will never be the same, this Light Up Blazing Red Soccer Ball will be the talk of the neighborhood and everyone will want one. Be the first to have the GlowCity LED Blazing Red Soccer Ball

(Soccer Goal Lighting Not Included)

2018/19 Nike Professional Soccer Ball Merlin

Every year Nike brings us the best of the professional soccer balls. This year is no different.  Nike recently unveiled the Nike Merlin Professional soccer ball that will be in used in Italy for the Italian Seria A, in Engand for the EPL, and in Spain for La Liga. Each league received their own colors for their respective league, but the Merlin soccer ball design is the same. 

The Premier League Merlin Soccer Ball integrates All Conditions Control (ACC) to provide optimal touch and control in all weather and field conditions.  This is the first time that Nike has used the ACC for a soccer ball. 

The debossed grooves and 3D inks in the ball will further improve its feel and aerodynamics, helping it move through the air. This will ensure a true bounce and improve the accuracy of specialty kicks from professional players, such as curving and knuckling shots. 

And the ball’s colours, a mix of white, black, purple, blue and yellow, will help players identify more easily which way it is spinning, when it will drop, and how fast it is travelling. This will give them crucial milliseconds to decide what magic they will apply next. . 

These colours are 3D-printed onto the ball and "engineered to dry at levels and locations that vary by millimetres" to improve aerodynamics. Each league will have different colors. So make sure you get the right one for your favorite league! 

But Nike wasn't done yet innovating the 2018/19 Merlin soccer ball. Nike decided to  give the 2019 ball only 4 panels andmake the official ball for the 2018/19 Premier League the most advanced yet. Why is this innovative and improved from the traditional 32 panel? The innovative four-panel construction (and the first ball to ever have only 4 panels) gives the nike ball a bigger sweet spot.  Fewer panels mean fewer seams, eliminating hard spots and opening the ball up to more sweet spots for Premier League players to shoot or pass with more accuracy.

And finally inside the ball is the bladder, a crucial hidde component to every ball,  which is made from latex rather than the traditional rubber, which will help the ball maintain a consistent shape and maintain air pressure. 


Nike set out to make one of the most advanced professional soccer balls known today for the 2018/19 season. There are different prices and levels for you and your child. Let's take a look at each one of them. ​

Materials: 37% synthetic leather/33% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton

Best Soccer Balls Under $50

Soccer, or “football”, as it is known around the world, is by far the most popular sport in the world. The “beautiful game”, as some may call it, offers players the ability to exercise, be part of a team, and demonstrate their athletic abilities. The game however would not be the same without the soccer ball. We have developed a list of the best soccer balls under $50 to help you navigate the world of imposters and marketing, and get the best soccer ball money can buy!


The quality of the soccer ball does have an impact on the soccer game and ultimately the soccer players performance. There are plenty of good quality soccer balls under $50. The quality may also impact the final outcome of the score of the game. Many novice players may not even consider the quality, but depending on the quality, some players may be able to shoot with power, while others may struggle. The quality of the ball will also impact the passing and receiving. A soccer ball with too much air may be too bouncy and impact the first touch of the player. A soccer ball that is under inflated may impact the ability of players to get a good feel and make correct passes to other teammates.

True Bounce, Responsiveness

A good quality soccer ball will have a good “true” bounce. This means that the ball will bounce in an angle directly in proportion to where it came from. If the ball hits the ground in a 90 degree angle from the air, then a good quality soccer ball will bounce right back up, in the 90 degree angle. Soccer balls are inspected by FIFA for their “bounce” quality and will only pass certain FIFA inspections if the ball’s bounce meets their criteria. The reason a soccer ball’s bounce is so critical is that players learn to dribble, pass, and shoot with a ball that resembles a true bounce. The lower the “true bounce” on a ball, the more likely a player will make a mistake when receiving, passing, or shooting the soccer ball.

Brine Soccer Ball in High School Game

You can just imagine that professional soccer balls are the most expensive, the highest quality, and therefore have the “truest bounce”. But don’t worry, you can still find a nice premium match ball under $50.

Keep in mind that a soccer ball’s quality or cost will not make or break your young soccer player, the kids still have to put their time into training and development. Materials, stitching, design, and diameter won’t matter as much as the “true bounce” of a soccer ball. Although the materials used, the hand stitching, and diameter will impact the soccer ball’s “true bounce”.

A soccer ball that is inflated properly, made of good materials, and has a true bounce, will glide correctly through the air. A ball that is not inflated properly will not “fly” correctly due to the imbalance of the air inside the ball. Many advanced soccer players like to make the ball curve by kicking one side of the ball and making it spin rapidly to create a curve in the air. Some like to “knuckle” the ball, by kicking the ball exactly in the center and eliminating the spin completely as the soccer ball travels in the air. This can only be done when a soccer ball is inflated correctly and has a “true bounce” as the ball will need to “bounce” off the foot of the player.

To get closer to a good premium soccer ball, you must know where to find them and not fall into the marketing trap of some of these companies. To help you, I’ve developed the list of balls under $50 that will provide some guidance. 


Soccer balls today, as of 2017, are made mostly of synthetic materials. The advances in technology have allowed soccer ball manufacturers to offer great quality soccer balls at lower prices since these materials can be made much easier. Just a few decades ago balls were still covered with naturally occurring materials, including leather. These advances have improved the performance, including the “true bounce” of a soccer ball, and added to the life of a soccer ball. The synthetic material also allows the ball to stay dry during wet rainy soccer games.


Soccer balls come in a few different sizes and weights. The most common soccer ball is a size 5, which is used by children 13 years old and up to professional soccer leagues. The next smaller ball is a size 4, which are used by children ages 9 years old to 12 years old. This ball is a bit smaller than the size 5. The other “match ball” size is a size 3, which are used by children under 9 years old. Although these are lower priced balls under $50, the ball may be smaller in size, but the same still applies to the quality and their “true bounce”.


Don’t be fooled by designs on a soccer ball. The majority of the people we speak to say they buy a soccer ball based on the design. Don’t fall into this category. While soccer balls come in all types of designs, you want to analyze the quality of the ball if you are going to use it as a “match ball”. For fun around the house, the design can be whatever you choose. But for practice and/or a game ball, make sure you select your soccer ball based on quality and feel, and less on design.

Select Sport America

Select Sport America actually make really good soccer balls, but since they are not the large companies like Nike and Adidas, they don’t have a large marketing budget. What you must know is that Select manufacture some quality match balls.

Let’s start with my first pick of the best soccer balls under $50, the Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball. We’ve used this ball for years now. The popular numero 10 Soccer ball comes with a high visability Orange color. I mentioned earlier not to be fooled by colors, but this orange color will help to avoid losing your ball at the soccer field. The Numero 10 also features textured casing for maximum durability and to assist with the “true bounce”.

The ball is made of US 1500 synthetic leather and is hand-sewn PU cover with zero-wing bladder for optimal “true” bounce. This ball has a 2-Year Warranty and is approved by the NSCAA and NFHS. Although not FIFA approved, I can say that this ball is of good quality, has a good “true bounce” and maintains that true bounce throughout its life. If you want a good quality soccer ball for training and official games, this is definitely a soccer ball you can get for under $50.  Select also offers numerous colors and sizes to select your favorite ball.

Select Sport America Royale Soccer Ball

Other Select soccer balls under $50 include the America Royale. This ball is IMS(International Match Standard) and NFHS/NCAA Approved; Made with FPUS 1800 synthetic leather. The ball has fantastic control and feel in all weather and pitch conditions, especially those wet rainy days when other balls underperform. The Royale is hand stitched with 1.8 mm PU cover and with zero wing latex bladder for optimal “true” bounce. This one also comes with a 2 year warranty, like most Select balls, and several different color options.

Brine Soccer Balls - 

The Phantom X ​

Brine is another soccer ball manufacturer that doesn’t get the love and respect it deserves due to marketing budgets. They do not pay Messi or Ronaldo $1 billion to promote their brand, so instead they focus on providing their customers with good quality soccer balls.

In my experience coaching High School soccer, the majority of the high schools use Brine Soccer balls for training and games. Let’s discuss a few Brine soccer balls that fall under $50.

The Brine Phantom X is a ball that can be used for training and soccer games. Some colleges even use the Phantom ball for training and games. The Phantom is a little higher premium than the Select in my opinion and experience. The Phantom offers a High performance non-woven textured PU cover which is extremely durable and helps to maintain the shape and integrity of the ball. There is now a newly designed and improved ball for 2017/18, with a new HA Bladder. The Phantom is NFHS approved and hand stitched as most premium balls. Brine also offers the 2year manufacturer guarantee. 

​Brine Voracity Soccer Ball

Brine also offers the Voracity Soccer ball with not quite the same appeal as the Phantom, but still a good training ball with great quality. The Voracity offers an Abrasion-resistant, soft Polyurethane cover for responsiveness on the pitch. The High Retention Latex bladder system and hand stitching help to maintain that responsive “true bounce” from strong shots and passes.

Nike Strike Ball

The Nike Strike Ball is not Nike’s best ball, but it offers a good quality soccer ball under $50. This ball is best suited for training and some amateur soccer games. The ball is still fairly new but it has kept the size, air pressure, and responsiveness pretty well. I think that the “true bounce” of the ball could be improved. It appears as if it’s low on air from the responsiveness during training. I am a little picky as I am used to training with other higher quality soccer balls, but this ball is definitely made of good quality. I have bought this ball in the past and will continue buying Nike soccer balls as long as they are made of good quality like this one. This ball will range between $35 - $45.

Adidas Top Glider 

The Adidas Top Glider soccer ball is another great ball for the price. Adidas came out with this ball for the 2017-18 season. Adidas historically has had some of the best soccer balls ever. The World Cup has always used Adidas. They have also made tremendous inventions and advancements to the soccer ball. 

The reason I like this ball is due to the responsiveness and feel for the ball. Although it is machine stitched construction, the internal nylon wound carcass makes for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. I usually like hand stitched, but this ball is the exception. The special TPU exterior material is designed to resist abrasion and last longer that’s why I love to use them for games as well as practice. The butyl bladder for best air retention to keep the ball’s shape and stay inflated longer and ensure the “true bounce”. This ball also comes in several different designs which allow you to be part of the MLS Soccer collection, the design is inspired by the three MLS pillars of club, country, and community. The Adidas Top Glider definitely has the quality and responsiveness to make it a great investment.  


The best soccer ball under $50 at this time is the Phantom X. I have used these balls for several years for training and games. The fact that Brine continues to manufacture the same quality ball year after year says alot about the quality of the ball. HS soccer teams across the country also continue to depend on the Phantom soccer ball year after year. For these reasons and many more, the Phantom X wins the best soccer ball under $50 competition. ​

Select Sport America Royale Soccer Ball Review

Select Sport America Royale Soccer Ball Review

Soccer is considered by millions of fans as the best sport in the world. Big-time championships draw enthusiasts of the sport by the thousands and some would even argue that the game ranks better in terms of the show and excitement than any other popular sport.

However, the game would be nothing without a perfectly-crafted soccer ball. The ball should have all the right features in order to function as a match ball in the game. In this review, we are going to see whether Select’s Royale ball has what it takes to be a tournament ball.


  • Includes standard 32-panel design
  • Has hand-sewn polyurethane cover for a firm touch and excellent durability
  • Has glossy finish
  • Has the brand’s Zero-wing latex bladder for exceptional bounce
  • Meets NFHS, NCAA, and IMS standards
  • For better performance, control and feel in each and every field and weather condition
  • Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ball ships deflated
  • Advantages

    The Royale by Select has been given improvements 2 years ago and even though it might be a tad difficult distinguishing some of the changes made in its graphics, there were actually several understated additions on the ball that fans and players did like. The ball still possesses the standard 32-panel design, is hand-stitched and is covered by 1.8 mm polyurethane synthetic leather.
    According to the company, the balls are softer than the original, have better quality and are nearly weather-resistant. Furthermore, the company does not utilize foam in the manufacture of their balls since the material can interrupt the balance and flight pattern of the balls.
    Another primary feature of the ball is its hand-stitched characteristics. Hand-sewn ones mean there are concealed seams on it that are rock-solid and durable. The hand-sewn method is actually the top choice among players and enthusiasts alike since exposed ones are more susceptible to wear and tear and thermal bonding can be unreliable at times.
    In terms of performance, we have noticed that as soon as we play with the ball, that the product is steady and has a superb quality feel to it. The ball performs decently when it comes to long passes and short ones. It also displayed excellent rebound.
    Juggling and dribbling the ball feels pleasant and it is easy, making the whole thing airborne. Its surface is smooth and quite slick that the ball does not have that tendency to stick to your feet while at play. This one is due to the ball’s excellent structure. It was easy to deal with, even though it was a bit heavy compared to other balls.
    Regarding its flight pattern, yes, it has a predictable flight; however, the ball might be a challenge to control whenever the player strikes longer shots. Making the ball plunge and arc was tricky, but then you have to spend a bit more time learning how the ball flies. But if we were to choose between a ball that’s a challenge to curve compared to a model that is unpredictable, we will choose the former.
    The ball is also approved by the IMS, NCAA and the NFHS, which is a good choice for individuals who want to get into legitimate soccer tourneys.


    The Royale does have a few setbacks. Its colorways are white, but it succumbs to scratches easily, thus after frequent use you may have a ball that is scuffed quite a lot. Maybe the company can come up with more colors for this product.
    The ball also displayed some issues containing air. We found out that we need to inflate the ball for at least once every 7 days.


    Select Sport America’s Royale model is a high-performance, quality ball that will last for a longer period of time. I would easily suggest this ball to anybody who wants a ball that has consistency and predictability at a price they can afford. This is a product that ranks high when it comes to affordable soccer balls, so it’s excellent value for your money!

    Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball Review

    Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball Review

    Months ago, France hosted this year’s UEFA European Championships. This is a month-long tournament of the best soccer teams in the world and since this is a top-level match, it requires an excellent ball.

    Fortunately, Adidas is more than willing to gather the technology and the best engineers in their team to lay out the groundwork for a soccer ball that meets the demands of skilled players and plenty of pressure in the field. We will talk more about a particular Adidas model, the Beau Jeu, in this review.


    • A part of the Euro 2016 lineup and official tournament ball in the UEFA European Championships
    • Thermally bonded for a smooth, sleek surface
    • Has Adidas’ TSBE technology for a more guaranteed trajectory, improved touch and lesser water absorption
    • Cover, bladder, and backing are made with first-rate materials, enabling great performance
    • Given superb FIFA ratings for passing weight, water uptake, shape, and size retention tests
    • Official match size is size 5


    UEFA’s Euro 2016 ball was Adidas’ Beau Jeu. The ball had similar characteristics as the brand’s Brazuca—it bears the latter’s 6 PU panels which were thermally-bonded collectively. Due to this 6-panel set-up, it has the flawless roundness which guarantees the ball of excellent, stable flight.

    The Beau Jeu has a texture that is a bit coarse unlike the Brazuca. This rougher texture allows for a more improved grip and this hinder a certain movement called knuckling. This knuckling movement is responsible for leading the ball to unpredictable collisions and dives.

    Because of the said texture, the ball is a lot easier for players to handle.It also includes a fiberglass print which minimizes the odds of scratches on its printed layers and in turn hinders a causal sequence on the movement qualities.

    This match ball is also fitted-out even better and can endure wet conditions since its external shell is more water-resistant compared with its forerunners.

    The tournament ball must have sufficient characteristics on it to signify the host nation, which was France. The design includes country’s three national colors. The ball is predominantly white and it makes use of blue and red streaks beside sleek silver edges which represent the highly-coveted Euro prize. The vivid orange highlights enhance airborne visibility for the players of the game.

    Also featured throughout the ball’s panels are the letters/numbers ‘E’, ‘U’, ‘R’, ‘O’ and ‘2’, ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘6’. The name of the ball, on the other hand, is derived from a French term which means “nice game.” This was said to be a term that is connected with the sport.

    The ball is quick and it features a solid bladder, a potent uniformity in touch and it has that durable feel throughout as long as it is treated in an appropriate manner. It is capable of performing over encumbering weather conditions and above all, the ball is consistent when it comes to flight.

    The majority of customers who were satisfied that they bought the ball all agreed they would recommend the item to any soccer fan or a player.


    When it comes to quality, this one does not scrimp. Thus, there really is nothing to criticize about with this particular ball. This one, after all, was slated to become the official ball of a prestigious, month-long championship game. Tight research and rigorous tests were done on this model before it was approved by the authorities of the sport.


    The Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball or the Beau Jeu is another beautiful output from renowned sports gear giant Adidas. If you are a serious player of the sport, this is something that you have to check out. Those who seek a soccer ball with pro-level/tournament-level characteristics will never be disappointed with this model.

    We highly recommend investing your money in this ball if you want a ball that has all the aspects that pro players require.

    Brine Phantom Soccer Ball Review

    Brine Phantom Soccer Ball Review


    Playing soccer will entail the use of a ball. In order to play the game effortlessly, apart from the needed skills, we have to make use of quality soccer balls. In this article, we are going to discuss the Phantom model from the Brine brand, which is another known manufacturer of sporting goods. The brand, apart from soccer balls, also manufactures a range of soccer gear and accessories.

    The Brine Phantom in particular, according to some customers, is a great ball that can be used for real matches. It features the AirTech synthetic bladder to sustain air retention and it also comes with a 3-year guarantee.


    • Has glossy, scratch-resistant PU covering
    • Brine AirTech bladder system is capable of containing air 10 times longer than standard latex
    • Is sewn by hand
    • Has 3-year warranty


    Soccer balls are drawn up and manufactured particularly for a variety of purposes. There are plenty of brands that manufacture sports gear and it is important to have sufficient knowledge about the kind of soccer ball that one needs.

    Brine is a sports gear company that produces soccer balls, and this particular product, the Phantom, as shared by satisfied customers, has what it takes to be a good ball for a match. There had been a number of playoffs and championship games that have endorsed Phantom as its official ball.

    The Phantom has exceptional construction and it can meet pro players’ demands. It is capable of moving effortlessly with players’ hits and strikes. On rough conditions, the ball is capable of enduring pressure due to its abrasion-resistant PU cover and Brine AirTech bladder system.

    The cover is polyurethane thus it can endure plenty of abuse and is hand-stitched as well. Due to the materials and the quality of the construction, the ball appears to be durable and advantageous.

    The AirTech bladder system of the product is utilized for facilitating air retention and a softer touch. It has an overall measurement of 12 x 12 x 10 inches and it has a weight of 4 pounds. The balls’ specs do complement the standards that are required for professional soccer.

    Another great thing about this product is the fact that it is backed by a 3-year guarantee, which speaks highly of the trust that the company has on their ball. The player then can engage himself or herself in long hours of practice using the Phantom.

    The ball is also approved by the NFHS and because of this certification, it means it has exceeded the number of quality analysis and testing. Furthermore, the ball can be customized too, which is a good thing for some. It is available in sizes 4 and 5. The former is available in the black color only while the size 5 can be had in several color combos.

    Customers who were satisfied with the Phantom shared that the ball indeed does very well and it can be used by the pros. According to one customer, its polyurethane-coated synthetic leather cover guarantees durability and it can endure a beating on the field.

    There were also others who commented that the NFHS approval lead them to purchase the item while some liked that it can be customized easily.


    There are no setbacks on this product thus far. It has matched the needs of customers who bought the ball.


    The Brine Phantom is successful at complementing the strict standards attributed to playing the game at a pro level. It is constructed excellently, is made from prime grade PU and synthetic leather and can be customized.

    Many customers were satisfied with their purchase and added that they will recommend the ball to anybody who is looking for a dependable soccer ball. It has exceeded the number of rigorous tests which makes it commendable as a ball for practice, tournaments, and even professional level games. This is a product that is worth the money you spend, hence, this should be your next sure buy.

    Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball Review

    Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball Review

    Soccer, also known as football, has gathered plenty of fans all over the world. There are tons of teams who play the game in different countries and the biggest tournaments of the sport congregate fans in stadiums by the thousands.

    Schools and universities in each country all have their own soccer teams too, and this speaks highly on how the sport is received. Some will even say that soccer trumps other popular sports like basketball when it comes to excitement and show. The basic element of any soccer game is the soccer ball.

    Therefore, in this review we are going to tackle Select’s Numero 10 model. Read up for more information about the product.


    • A part of the Select Club Series line-up meant for club matches and training
    • Has standard 32-panel design
    • Includes hand-sewn FPUS 1500 synthetic leather casing for durability
    • Has a glossy finish for withstanding resistance and excellent appearance
    • Has zero-wing latex bladder for bounce
    • Includes butyl valve for airtightness and shape maintenance
    • Meets standards required by NFHS and the NCAA
    • Approved by the IMS (International Matchball Standard)
    • Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


    There are contemporary soccer balls which are designed with lesser panels and because of this, you might witness plenty of movement that may catch your eye. The company knows that the 32-panel design is still the best when it comes to soccer ball structure, thus the Numero 10 has it.

    Located under the panels are fewer foam cushioning. This foaming is set up with a first-rate quality latex bladder, which aids in the movement of the ball. To guarantee that the player will acquire a steady feel all over the surface of the ball, the company has provided the item with a sunken valve. This helps in making players get a better grip on the ball while striking.

    Every panel of the ball is composed of a significantly thick microfiber PU material which feels nearly like artificial leather. The external material’s thickness contributes to the overall durability of the ball, but it also translates to more break-in period. You will notice that when you give the ball its first hit, you will feel its stiffness.

    Start juggling the ball and you’ll notice that it can be a bit hard to the touch. This is due to the fact that it requires more breaking in, but as soon as you give it a few significant hits, the ball will feel much better to handle.

    Because the ball does not have plenty of padding, you will notice a slight sound during a pass or a strike. In addition, the ball displayed some predictable movement. This means that whenever players hit the ball, you will know how the ball will react to such movements.

    Another great quality of the ball is that the item is approved by the NFSH or the National Federation of High Schools and it also meets the standards of the FIFA IMS or International Match Ball Standard. Due to the trust of the company in the design and the production, the ball comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


    The only bad thing about the Numero 10 is that its size 4 model is not approved by the NCAA, the NFHS, and the IMS.


    Select’s Numero 10 is a keeper, so if you want a ball that is affordable and meets major sports organization standards, then make sure to head out and purchase this model. This is an excellent club and training level ball. It is available in a range of colors and sizes, so you can choose the ball that will suit you best.

    Adidas D86688 Brazuca Replica Top Glider Soccer Ball Review

    Adidas D86688 Brazuca Replica Top Glider Soccer Ball Review

    Soccer balls, those that are tournament-level, pass rigid standards to provide a great game for players, and in turn, the players will be able to provide an exciting show for the fans. Adidas Brazuca Top Glider is one of the best balls and is made with a total of 6 thermally bonded panels for enhanced consistency.

    Due to the popularity of the model, there are now replicas available and in this review, we are going to discuss the replica version of the Brazuca Top Glider.


    • Color and panel design take after the Official Match Ball
    • Features machine-sewn structure and internal wound carcass for durability and softer texture
    • Includes TPU exterior material designed to withstand scratches and abrasions
    • Has butyl bladder for excellent air retention
    • Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5


    The original Adidas Brazuca Top Glider has a distinctive and beautiful design. It’s rather strange paneling and the incorporation of hues on it is at this time never seen on majority of soccer balls. This particular model, in fact, has a moderately smaller size 5, but it still produces a top notch performance.

    The ball provides a great flight and there are no unusual movements that come from it; it does what it is supposed to do during a match. It flies quicker than any expensive ball, though, which makes the Brazuca Top Glider more special and coveted by avid soccer players and fans.

    As mentioned earlier, the Brazuca Top Glider that we will be tackling in this review is not the genuine artifact. This is pretty much a copy and is not the ball that is employed in the World Cup. It’s just a regular ball that can be used during practice at home, as one familiarizes himself or herself with the workings of a soccer ball.

    This one indeed possesses the genuine ball’s Brazuca panel pattern and it has that distinctive appearance that gives the original its identification.

    However, if you look closely into the ball, you will certainly notice several primary differences. While original game balls undergo lots of rigorous research and tests, replicas do not. This is a copy, which is okay, but it is not that high-quality, advanced model from Adidas. The soccer balls that are used in real tournaments are not sewn, they are actually thermally bonded.

    This ball is stitched and a machine-sewn. And while it does have parts where it showed good stitching, the majority of the work done was subpar.


    We have discussed some of the failings of the model in the first part of the article and we’ll continue with what customers have to say about it. It does not feature that distinctive grip and airflow that the original possesses. And as many customers have shared in other reviews, this particular replica displayed poor quality.

    Then again, it does bear the original ball’s appearance but when it comes to performance, it does nil. Overall, it’s a good practice ball at home, but not in the field.

    According to one customer, the paint on the ball came off, which speaks for its quality. The panels that the ball was provided with were not even on a number of parts. Another customer added that for some odd reason, the ball was not capable of spinning.

    All in all, the replica displayed poor workmanship and as the majority of unsatisfied customers said, the ball was not worth its price and it should have been priced lower than its retail rate. Many said that they were not going to buy the item again.


    The Adidas Brazuca Top Glider is an excellent soccer ball; however, its replica version was sub par and was not able to take the best qualities of the original. Even though its appearance was copied rather decently, the workmanship shown was poor at best.

    If you really want a soccer ball that has pro game-level qualities, it is best that you invest in the genuine thing. You will surely get more value out of your money by investing in real goods.