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SoccerShopForYou.com was built to write about all the soccer knowledge that I can't get out of my head......  We also provide incredible information from some of my friends who are coaches on soccer player development and youth soccer coaching. Because we know that if you are a parent looking to buy that first soccer ball or cleats for your child, you are also going to need some tips on coaching and player development to optimize the performance of your child.

Find out everything you need to know about the correct size soccer ball for any of your kids or teams. Find out what the best type of soccer cleats are appropriate for your child. 

All this information is from first hand knowledge. We recommend some products that we've used in the past. We may also have friends or colleagues that use some of these products. Anything that we feel could help a parent or player, we are going to write about it! 

We are also parents, coaches, players, and soccer fans, so we know the game in and out, with over 30 years of soccer experience. We know the professional ranks from Europe to South America to MLS. We know the history from Pele and Garrincha to Messi and Ronaldo. We've lived through the American travel soccer scene and attended all the tournaments. We've coached indoor and outdoor soccer. We've ran soccer and futsal leagues. We play futsal.

So as you can see we've been through it all. Send us any questions you might have regarding soccer, parenting  youth soccer players, or anything else you want to know about. 

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