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A backyard soccer goal can serve as great training tool for the soccer players in your family. However, you need to know what factors into buying and choosing the best backyard soccer goals. We’ve done our research just based on being involved with soccer for the past 20 plus years. We’ve seen all the new technology come and sometimes have a huge impact on soccer goals (like the invention of the super portable pop up goals).

Through the years we’ve managed to learn about what makes a great backyard soccer goal and today we discuss this in detail. Hopefully this buying guide will help you understand the qualities that make up a great backyard soccer goal.

Comparison Chart

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QUICKPLAY Kickster Soccer Goal Range – Ultra Portable Soccer Goal Includes Soccer Net and Carry Bag [Single Goal] Now Available in The US for The First Time. (1) 6×4′
51CPyvsCFlL. SL500
PASS Premier® 24 X 8 FT. Official Regulation FIFA/EPL Steel Soccer Goal. 2″ Diameter Steel Frame w/ Durable 4mm Net, Ground Stakes, Elastic Clasps & Re-Usable Ties. 24×8 Foot (1Net)
51qJU3enKNL. SL500
GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal 8×24 Ft. – Full Size Ultra Portable Soccer Net
51rFn0ZJh2L. SL500
QUICKPLAY Kickster Soccer Goal Range – Ultra Portable Soccer Goal Includes Soccer Net and Carry Bag [Single Goal] Now Available in The US for The First Time. (1) 6×4′
61CwMG5mBGL. SL500
Eco Walker Inflatable Soccer Goal with Carrying Bag, Pump, Soccer Ball, Safe and Portable for Kids and Training (3m x 2m)
41mEtUMBmkL. SL500
Pugg PUGG Soccer Goal 4′
41wtpdFQXUS. SL500
GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal 4 Feet – Two Portable Soccer Nets with Carry Bag
51wTLhcT+PS. SL500
Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal – Portable Kids Soccer Net – Pop Up Folding Indoor + Outdoor Goals – 9′ x 5’6″ – Optic Yellow

How to Buy the Best Soccer Goal

With so many choices for soccer goals, it’s easy to just pick the largest or cheapest and not think twice about it. But understanding the needs of your child and family will go a long way in choosing the best soccer goal.

Some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing your backyard goal are the price, material, size, and portability. These 4 factors will ultimately decide the experience after your purchase. So let’s discuss below.

Soccer Goal sizes

There many sizes of soccer goals that manufacturers can make. That’s because during training or backyard pick up games, the size of goal doesn’t have to be official. Soccer goal manufacturers instead design several sizes to fit your needs, which is great for the consumer and player.

Your decision as a parent is impacted by a few factors. The size of the goal will be determined by the age of your children, the level of play, size of your backyard, and the portability of the soccer net.

If your children are very young, then you would consider buying a smaller goal, maybe even a pop up goal. If they are much older and are serious players, consider a larger more stable permanent soccer goal. Of course the other factors will impact your buying decision, like price and the size of the yard.

If you want to purchase an official size soccer goal, the size should be 22’ x 8’ tall. We would not recommend buying an expensive official soccer goal for your backyard, unless you train a team of players or play actual games. The reason is that you don’t need an official net to train on.

There are other much cheaper alternatives like an inflatable soccer goal. Those are becoming more popular. You may also look into purchasing a soccer net rebounder. These offer a simple frame with a net to stop the ball, but without the depth of a soccer goal.

Remember to analyze your needs of your children, the level of play, size of your yard, and reason you are purchasing a soccer net. This will help you determine what size of soccer net you will need.

Soccer Goal structure and Assembly

Another major factor to consider when purchasing your backyard soccer goal is the Goal Structure and Assembly. You will need to continue analyzing the needs of your family. For example if you plan on training with a group of teenage boys, you will need a soccer goal made of durable material such as steel or aluminum tubing. However if your children are just young toddlers, then maybe a pop up goal will do just fine.

When considering your goal structure and the materials used to manufacture it, think about the portability and assembly. Sometimes kids like to set up different games and move the goals around, this may not be an option if you purchase a heavy steel permanent soccer goal.

Unfortunately, as the quality of the materials used increases in quality and durability, the portability of the soccer goal suffers, and the price increases. A few companies have made some adjustments to improve portability of larger soccer goals by adding wheels, but it still takes more than one person to move.

Backyard soccer goals are made up of several materials like aluminum, steel, fiberglass, PVC plastic, metal, and sometimes a combination. Some companies even use bendable materials to create a magnificent portable soccer goal. But the majority of the large, official size soccer goals, are still made from steel or aluminum which makes them very heavy, however very sturdy.

Soccer Goal Portability

Buying a portable soccer goal for your backyard is always recommended for convenience. There are numerous reasons why you would want a portable soccer goal for your backyard. You have to move it to mow around it. The kids love changing the games often. It’s safer to move a lighter, portable goal. The kids grow up and you need to move the soccer goal or sell it.

The portability of the soccer goal will also have an effect on the size and weight. Keep in mind that the larger and heavier a soccer goal is, the less portable it can be. You may think that buying a lighter more portable soccer goal for your backyard is the best way to go, remember to stay safe by always anchoring goals. This is important especially when younger kids are moving the goals, always ensure that larger heavier soccer goals are anchored.

Match and Training Quality Soccer Goals

There is a huge difference in quality and price between training and match quality soccer goals. The reason is that most match soccer goals are specifically designed to take on the beating of official games. During soccer matches, anything can happen, so you want a goal that will withstand almost anything.

It is rare that someone will buy an official match soccer goal for their backyard, but it does happen. There are some serious players or coaches that like training with them. There is nothing wrong with that. If you can afford it, then it’s the logical thing to do. Just remember that you can still do 99% of your trainings and/or backyard games with cheaper and smaller goals.

Best Semi Permanent Soccer Goals

Semi-Permanent soccer goals are referred to goals that can be staked to the ground and can remain permanent for years or whole soccer seasons. As mentioned earlier, you may never buy one of these for a backyard, but some serious families do decide to purchase a semi-permanent soccer goal.

First Team Golden Goal 44 Sr. Club-SP 21 x 7 ft. Semi-Permanent Soccer Goal

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This goal is NOT official size, but definitely has the quality and built to last like a professional soccer goal. The First Team Golden Goal has 4 square posts made of aluminum construction. The posts are finished off by a bright White powder coat finish.

Includes ground sockets for easy goal removal and set up. Comes with a white hexagon mesh net and Stay Put technology for net attachment. Includes wheels for efficient transportation.

  • Made in USA
  • Ideal for backyard training
  • Lifetime Superior Specifications
  • Construction Material Aluminum
  • Expensive
  • Weight 524 lbs

SEMI Permanent Soccer Goals Round 8′ X 24′

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The perfectly ideal backyard soccer goal is the official size 8′ X 24 ‘. The Semi Permanent Soccer goal includes 4″ round posts. Wheels are included for quick and more efficient transport. Includes a white 4mm mesh net. Also includes 8 goal anchors for safety.

  • Official size, Perfect for games or training
  • Includes Wheels for portability
  • 8 Anchors for safety
  • Expensive
  • Large and Heavy

Portable Soccer Goals

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal Full Size

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For those looking for a cheap alternative to a regulation size goal for training purposes in their backyard, this may cover your needs. GOLME has produced a goal that folds into a small bag and makes it completely transportable, while offering many of the benefits of a full-size heavier version.

The goals are crafted from durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum for great support, strength, and durability. This allows for a thinner tubing and lighter goal that weighs only 30 lbs! Keep in mind that this is a foldable goal, not to be compared to a solid semi-permanent goal.

  • Patented one-piece design for quick 3-minute setup and takedown
  • Folds down
  • Easy Transport and Storage
  • Try risk-free for 30 days – 365 day warranty
  • Not for official soccer matches
  • Some sagging in the crossbar
  • Some rattling from hard shots

QuickPlay Kickster Academy Soccer Goal

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The QuickPlay Kickster comes in several sizes including the largest one at 16’ x 7’. Another excellent choice for the backyard soccer goal. The QuickPlay offers the ultimate in portability. Set up assembly is a quick snap of the poles. Even the kids help set it up sometimes.

If you’ve never put one together, the poles are broken down into pieces, however they are held together with a chord that goes inside each tube. This makes for a quick assembly since all the pieces that go together are already in place, you will just need to snap them on. This system referred to as “QuickPlay’s click and lock pre-attached pole system”, also allows the goal to break down into smaller parts and placed into a bag.

The QuickPlay goal is very light and thus is not as sturdy. There are some anchors included to help keep it in place. But just understand that it could be knocked over by a hard shot. This system doesn’t have actual posts or a crossbar. The crossbar and posts are a thick vinyl material that is stretched across by the tension of each side.

  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Easy assemble and takedown
  • Low Price
  • Offered in 5 different sizes
  • Not for official games
  • Won’t stand up to rigorous games or training

Inflatable Soccer Goals

Eco Walker Inflatable Soccer Goal

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In terms of convenience, the Eco Walker Inflatable is one of the most attractive on the market. This goal is ideal for backyards because it can easily Inflate and deflate with the provided pump, in seconds. This new technology known as “Rigid Air Technology” allows you to buy an affordable, great looking soccer goal for your backyard that will withstand competitive play.

The soccer goal is lightweight and can be used on any surface! Fully portable without air inflation, but when inflated it makes the soccer games easier and safer for players. Each bar that makes up the Eco walker inflatable soccer goal is inflated to a maximum pressure of 15lbs psi. The frame was developed using a three-layer hose system. At this pressure when a soccer ball hits the frame it reacts like a normal soccer goal. Yet, the material is flexible enough to significantly reduce the risk of injury due to collision with the goal.

The free standing, one piece, system can be assembled in minutes and is practically maintenance free. You just deflate after the game is done. It is super lightweight and can be used on any surface! Each goal comes with a net, a Two-Way Pump, a Carrying Bag, 4 Sand Bags, and 4 Stakes.

  • Portable
  • Easy set up
  • Safer
  • Inexpensive
  • Requires air pump
  • Not as stable as a regular semi-permanent goal

Pop Up Soccer Goals

Pop up soccer goals are one of the most convenient ways to ensure that you always have a goal for your backyard or wherever you play. The pop up goals fold away nicely into bags and then store away in a closet or flat in your car’s trunk (that’s where I like to keep mine) and then take up virtually no space.

The Pop up soccer goals are unique because they can be set up in a matter of seconds and there’s almost no assembly required. Sometimes you may want to put down the small stakes that are attached or sometimes put a book bag or something heavy to keep it down.

These goals are also very safe since they are mostly made of thin fiberglass or metal. They are mostly small and light enough that they won’t hurt anyone if they tip. The goals now come in a variety of sizes as well from 4’, 6’, and now 8’ wide. Although be careful with buying large pop up goals as they won’t stay up well.

PUGG 4 Foot Pop Up Soccer Goal – The Original Pickup Game Goal

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The ultimate in pop up soccer goals is definitely PUGG. There is no question about which one is the best. PUGG was the original pop up soccer goal in 1994 and they set the standards which have yet to be reached. We’ve been coaching for over 20 years and attended several conventions and have never seen another pop up goal like the PUGG.

One thing to know about PUGG goals is that they are made of flexible metal that won’t brake!!!! Unlike the other cheap alternative pretenders on the market, PUGGS are NOT made from fiberglass. This is crucial in understanding what pop up goals to purchase. Although the other cheaper goals are less expensive, remember that they will not last as long and could potentially break the first day.

The reason that the pop up soccer goals are so convenient for your backyard is because of the flexibility. The goals are lightweight, flexible, portable, collapsible, and easily stored away. It also sets up quickly and easily with a quick twist. The PUGG also includes a carrying case and a 2 year warranty.

  • The Best in Pop up goals
  • Made of METAL
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy storage
  • Sizes are limited due to construction.

GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

41wtpdFQXUS. SL500

The GOLME PRO pop up soccer goals are just as ideal and convenient as the PUGG goals. They offer everything the PUGGS can offer with a few exceptions.

The GOLME PROs are made of fiberglass which will not stand the rigorous play of a PUGG. That doesn’t mean that they are not useful. Especially for those looking for a less expensive pop up goal for their backyard. The GOLME Pro pop up soccer offers Sizes 2.5’, 4’ and 6’. Keep in mind that the larger the goal, the less stable it can be just based on the infrastructure.

  • Portable with Carrying case
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient Storage
  • Made of fiberglass
  • Does not stand up to rigorous play​​​​

The majority of the pop up goals will have an oval shape, which is ideal for training, street play, and backyard games. There are some companies that offer pop up goals that are rectangular in shape. Let’s take a look at one that we have used in the past.​​​​

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal 

51wTLhcT+PS. SL500

Another awesome invention, a Pop-Up Soccer Goal and Net that is rectangular in shape. Franklin made this Blackhawk Portable soccer goal for Indoor or Outdoor use. The Goal folds for storage, assembles quickly, collapsible, easily portable in carrying case, and can be purchased in several sizes, including 12’x6′, 9’x5.6′, 6.6’x3.3′ or 4’x3′.

As mentioned earlier, the larger the goals get, the less stable they become. This is a result of the way they are designed. The many features that make it so convenient to own, also impact the stability while playing.

The one thing we didn’t like about this pop up goal is that the pieces that hold it together have to be assembled. Unlike the PUGG goals where the entire goal is one long thick metal piece, the Franklin Blackhawk goal can get annoying when trying to collapse it.

  • Quick Assembly
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient Storage
  • >li>Collapsible
  • Comes unassembled
  • Does not stand up to rigorous play

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