Best Soccer Balls Pump 2019

Soccer ball pumps are an important part of every coaching bag, but they can also be a handy tool for players and parents. Sometimes your ball deflates after being stored for a few weeks, while other times the ball just deflates for no apparent reason. 

A good pumped ball is exactly what every player wants and to be honest, they need it in order to get a true bounce from the soccer ball. But how do we choose the best soccer ball pump for our in needs in 2019? Well technology advances have also been made in soccer ball pumps, so you won't just get a huge bulky pump that weighs 10 pounds, remember those old days? 

3 Recommended Soccer Ball Pumps

These are in no particular order. It depends on what you are looking for that will determine what soccer air pump is best for you. 

Under Armour Inflation Pump

One  of the best in the market. If you want quality, precision, and excellence, then this Under Armour inflating pump for your soccer ball is perfect. This pump will last for years to come. It's definitely worth it's price. The pump also has an attached air pump pressure gauge so you can see exactly how much air the ball needs. This air pressure gauge is especially important  for referees so that balls can be checked before the start of each game and during the game. 

You get all this, plus it's easy to carry. The main body (not including the extension hose/tube and needle) is 8.5" long. The extension hose/tube and needle adds about 7.5", BUT the bag wouldn't have to include all that since the hose/tube is flexible and also easily removeable from the base. 

Main Factors Include: 

  • Dual Action Pump Twice as Efficient as Traditional Pumps
  • Pressure Release Valve for Customized Pressure Control
  • Ball Specific Gauge Provides Easy Reference For Multiple Sports Ball
  • Comes  with 2 Air pump Needles

  • TorrX Smart Ball Auto Pump

    Too many soccer balls to pump? Or do you want to eliminate the time it takes to pump up soccer balls? Then look no further than the TorrX Smart Ball Pump, which is an automatic, Electric, Hand held air Pump to inflate and Deflate

    Sports Balls of all kinds. 

    Soccer balls can be inflated in about 10 seconds. Some people may worry about the noise of the air pump, but the noise is minimal, some describe it as just a slight, whirring noise.  


    • In AUTO MODE will accurately inflate or deflate to your Target Pressure - LED digital gauge. No more second guessing the actual air pressure on your soccer ball before game start. 
    • comes with a RECHARGEABLE lithium-ion battery: More than 50 soccer ball pump-ups on one charge. There is a Micro-USB charging cable included and takes up to two hours to recharge. 
    • How about NO MORE BROKEN NEEDLES!! This Smart Ball pump is Designed to significantly reduce the possibility of needle breakage. The  protective cap secures needle during non-use.
    • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. At only 12.5oz, this air pump can easily store safely in a backpack, glovebox, ball bag, or equipment kit.

    Spalding 12" Dual Action Pump

    Are you looking for a quality, low priced soccer ball air pump that will do the job without any bells or whistles? Then the Spalding 12" Dual Action Pump is exactly what you are looking for. I love this pump because it has lasted for years and it always works the same as I expect. There's nothing fancy about it, just a nice reliable pump at a great price. 

    I bought it years ago and it's still performing the same way it did about 6 years ago. It's also a great price at only $6.00. It also comes with an extra needle and a storage compartment, which sometimes I forget it exists and look for an air needle for hours 🙂


    If you are looking for top of the line, quality air pump, then the Under Armour air pump is the right pump for you. The fact is that the price of the Under Armor pump says it all. The quality is superior. The gauge is priceless when you ref soccer games. The portability is second to none. In terms of quality, portability, gauge, and look it's #1. 

    The TorrX electric ball pump is just a luxury. The most important part is that it can save you time, if you are inflating multiple balls and that the needle is protected so that the kids (and  you :)) can quit breaking  it. Although the digital gauge on this soccer air pump is pretty cool too, but  not necessary. 

    And finally my last recommendation is the Spalding air pump. I've had it for the past 6 years and it still works since the day I bought it... and it was only $6.95!!!! 

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