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Things to Consider when shopping for the best indoor soccer balls

Indoor soccer is a very popular sport in the United States. Especially in northern states where the snow and cold doesn’t allow many kids to play outdoor soccer during the winter months.

There are several different forms of indoor soccer which allow soccer players in the cold weather states to continue practicing and playing their favorite sport.

There is 6 v 6 or walled soccer. This indoor soccer game is played on turf field with walls. There are no out of bounds marks, unless the ball hits the ceiling. This sport can sometimes become dangerous as the walls can become weapons and kids or adults get crushed between players and the walls. However, the walls also provide a tool that allows the game to be played without stopping for a kick in or throw in. With the walls there is nonstop action for 25 minutes each half.

Other forms of indoor soccer are also played on larger fields, such as 7 v 7 soccer games, 9 v 9 short sided soccer games, and sometimes even full sized 11 v 11 soccer fields indoors. These large indoor soccer arenas also play on artificial turf. The games are played just like a regular outdoor game, but indoors. Oh and sometimes the ball might hit the ceiling... it's happened to us a few times.

But because the air and weather and field are a little different from the outside elements, the ball may also be a little different. To learn more about indoor soccer balls, here are some valuable factors to consider when buying the perfect indoor ball. This will help you confirm that you get to buy the one that you really want.


Quality of a product matters a ton! The quality of the ball tells you everything you need to know regarding the indoor soccer ball. Someone once said “One cannot play ball, without a ball”. We all love a product that demonstrates extremely unique quality as compared to those that are low or inferior quality wise. Top quality products are those that we tend to think about as well worth the purchase, because the quality can sometimes determine how long the product can last.


You should think about the sturdiness of the fabric used to stitch the ball and additionally the kind of bladder that it uses. Whether or not the ball is hand sewed or machine sewed determines its durability on the standard of the ball.  A hand sewed indoor soccer ball will generally have a stronger hold and durability.


Indoor soccer balls of top quality mostly use synthetic leather, made of artificial animal skin, which gives the ball a soft and smooth touch. This allows the ball to feel good at the foot while other balls manufactured from polyurethane cover will have a “sticky” sort of feel.

However, the indoor football balls or soccer balls that are made of a synthetic leather cover are frequently recommended due to their lightness and softness.


Some indoor soccer balls are hand sewed and many of them are machine sewed as mentioned above.  Before you get the best one you must inspect the indoor soccer product whether it’s been sewed by hand or by a machine. Those that are stitched through a machine will not last longer than those that are stitched by hands.

The reason for this is that the hand stitching allows the stitches to get deeper, while the machine allows for cheaper and quicker stitching, they do not go as deep into the soccer ball panels.


Different types of indoor balls consist of two different kinds of bladders as well. There are latex bladders and bladders made of butyl rubber. You must opt for the best one because the bladder possible. The bladder is very important as it carries and holds the air. You want a good ball bladder that does not deflate or lose air quickly. The bladder should offer a good, bouncy and more responsive bounce while playing on and off the field.

Here is the trick, latex bladders have a better feel and are used for premium indoor soccer balls, while the butyl rubber bladder is better at holding the air. So if you want a great indoor football, choose a latex bladder, but pleased understand that you may have to pump it up more often.

Size and the Circumference:

Size 5 is the standard and official size of an indoor soccer ball and the circumference of the indoor soccer ball is 27 to 28 inches (69 to 71 cm), just like regular footballs. Do not confuse the indoor soccer ball with a futsal ball.

Although most of the regular indoor soccer balls are manufactured to be less bouncy, they are not futsal balls. You can't get smaller sizes of indoor soccer balls, like a 4 or 3 because there are no "official" games for indoor youth soccer. Therefore the youth players just play regular outdoor balls. 

Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball (Size 5)

  • Hand-stitched Soccer Ball
  • Felt cover Soccer Ball
  • Size 5 Soccer Ball
  • Ball ships deflated. Inflation is required. Pump not included.
  • For information on youth soccer balls for the much younger soccer player in your family, you can check out our article on the 2019 Best Youth Soccer Balls

    Spectrum Indoor Soccer Ball Trainer, Size 5

    These balls are made of an outer cover with felt. They may feel a little fuzzy, but this fuzzy felt cover may help it have a lesser bounce inside of a gym. 

  • High-visibility yellow and black felt cover over a long-lasting butyl bladder
  • A great value
  • Sold as each
  • Conclusion:

    So you want to buy an indoor soccer ball that can be used on a regular basis for practice indoors, but would stay solid and well-constructed after a rough and tough game with your buddies? Do you want the ball to stay the way it was before you purchased it? Do you want to avoid pumping it up every time before being used?

    Then you want to go with a strong indoor ball with a good cover and dependingn on your needs, either a butyl or latex bladder.  Above are few that would be great additions to your soccer ball collection.

    Hope this indoor ball shopping guide can assist you to shop for the foremost appropriate one at intervals your budget.

    Best Adidas Messi Soccer Balls

    Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in the world. Some may consider Ronaldo and others may point to other greats like Maradona or Pele, but Messi continues to mesmerize fans and pundits all over the world with his skills. Even after turning 30 years old, Messi has continued to dominate La Liga and in the Champions League. Messi has won on too many awards to list here, but lets just say he has won the Ballon d’Or 5 times, that’s the player of the year award, needless to say that's all you need to know.  If you want to learn how to dribble and play like Messi, make sure you check out our Player Development Articles

    Adidas has made the Messi soccer ball ever since he first burst onto the scene as a teenager with Barcelona FC, scoring goals as a teenager in the biggest stage in La Liga, alongside Ronaldinho. Here is a list of some of the most popular Messi Soccer balls ever made and where you can still get them! Remember that Messi plays for both Barcelona and Argentina, so Adidas has tried to capture  both fan bases by making a Messi Soccer ball for both club and Country! The list is in no particular order, just a long list of the great soccer balls made by Adidas for and inspired by one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Let us know which one is your favorite below. If you want to know more about how to select a soccer ball, before purchasing, you can review our article on the soccer ball.

    The Adidas Messi Glider Ball

    This is the 2019 version of the Messi soccer ball. Adidas use​d the Barcelona colors for this one. Most of the reviews are very positive. This is a recreational ball that is mostly for young soccer Messi fans. Either way, if you love Messi, this is the new ball to buy for 2019.  

    Price: $15 - $25​

    Adidas Messi Capitano Soccer Ball

    The Messi Capitano offers a little different design than what we are used to from Adidas. But it does offer a beautiful design unmatched of the other balls. Probably best to use this one for training. We do love the white ball though, with great colors added to accent. 

    Offered in Size 5, 4, and 3 for all your children's needs. 

    • 100% Tpu-Film-
    • Butyl bladder for best air retention
    • Machine-stitched construction

    The Adidas Performance Messi Balls

    Here are the five variations of the Messi Performance soccer ball by adidas. This ball came out in 2015 and since then Adidas has made several variations of this cool soccer ball. This is easily the most popular Messi Soccer ball that you have seen out on the soccer fields. They have used several different colors including others not associated with his club or country. See the photos below. As you can see Adidas went with a black/orange ball and even a green/black soccer ball to engage as many young fans as possible. ​The price of this soccer ball varies from $15 - $50.00

    FC Barcelona Official Licensed Messi 10 Signature Soccer Ball - 11

    Next up in the Adidas Messi soccer ball collection we have the FC Barcelona Official Messi Soccer ball. This ball is unique in that it's the official licensed product of the Soccer Team Merchandise. It comes in many different unique designs and colors for your collection or display. It's obviously an awesome soccer ball to use on the field as well of course!! See if you can find one that fits your style or taste and try it out. Each ball comes with signatures from Messi himself and some of Barcelona's  teammates. It also comes with Messi's #10 number and his last name. 

    The FC Barcelona Official Licensed Messi 10 Signature soccer ball is pretty affordable and can range in price between $17 - $20.00, not bad for such a great player and ball! ​

    The Adidas Messi Phantom Soccer Ball

    Inspired by the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi, this size 5 soccer ball has the Argentinian's flag colors in Solblu. This was a unique ball and Adidas only made one version. ​

    5. Superstar Soccer Ball FIFA Best Gift for Soccer  Leo Messi Barcelona 

    ​And  finally the coolest gift for any huge Messi soccer fan. Although this is not an Adidas messi ball, it is an awesome Messi soccer ball. If you want to give a big Messi fan a gift, this would be it. It's a size 5 ball. Inspire that young athlete to be like Messi and train to get better. 

    ​Adidas loves Messi so much that they even made his own Messi Logo. The logo is used to make all of his other soccer apparel including clothes, shin guards, socks, shorts, pants, and shirts. AMAZING GIFT - This Lionel Messi Kids Soccer Jersey T-Shirt & Soccer Backpack Gift Set is engineered to be the BEST GIFT for all Messi soccer fans! You can find all his stuff and more in Amazon or many adidas stores. Click here to go to Amazon. 

    Top 10 Pro Soccer Balls

    Top Ten Pro Soccer Balls

    The game, Soccer has entirely changed over the past years so the ball has also changed over the years. In the early days, teams emphasized defensive playing strategy with 6 men in the back. In the mid 90s, the strategies have been changed when most of the teams started to play with four forwards at a time. So, at that time we would able to see one natural forward. As a result of these changes in the game, the ball also got change often according to the strategies of the teams.

    Selecting a good soccer ball is not an easy task. First, you must select a good brand secondly you must be aware of the use of ball because you have to choose it according to the strategies and game plan. Different brands provide high-quality products and from the thousands of brands, it is very difficult to choose top Soccer balls. But here we will try to list up TOP 10 Cool Soccer balls of this edge.

    1: Adidas Performance Euro 16 Official Match Soccer Ball:

    · Official Soccer ball, part of European championship 2016.

    · High-end materials in the cover, backing, and bladder for perfect on-field performance.

    · Highest FIFA rating: ball passed tests on weight, water uptake, shape and size retention.

    2: Adidas Performance Finale 15 Capitano Soccer Ball:

    · Matchless ball for the young ones.

    · Durable, high quality, machine stitched.

    · The size of the ball is three and is for ages 8 and less.

    3: Mikasa D49 Soccer Ball:

    · Its color is navy blue and gold.

    · For outdoor use.

    · Official Soccer ball, part of European championship 2016.

    · Size 5 is the official ball size.

    · Size 5 is the official ball size.


    · Highly long lasting match and training ball made of Japanese PU leather.

    · Colorful design for improved visibility and faster
    player reactions.

    · Zero Wing latex bladder.

    · Lively bounce, optimal roundness and 32-hand-stitched panels for a straight flight in the air.


    5: NUMERO 10 - IMS/NFHS:

    · 32-panel construction combined with golf structured PU-surface ensures optimal aerodynamics

    The Numero 10 has been constructed with a PU material laminated with neoprene foam to increase the softness. Additionally, a new golf ball textured PU-surface and the 32 hand stitched panel design ensures optimal aerodynamics.

    6. Adidas Madrid Final 19 Official Match Ball - Soccer Ball

    This is the ultimate soccer ball. Highest FIFA rating for quality, FIFA Pro. This Champions League ball passed tests for weight, water uptake, shape, and size retention. COVER: Thermally bonded, 100% PU leather in the star panel design.

    100% polyurethane cover, Thermally bonded seamless surface, FIFA Quality Pro certified, UEFA Champions League logo on cover, and Butyl bladder

    ​7. Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball 2018

    New six panel design with a seamless, thermal-bonded construction, Distinct 3-D texture for greater control and grip

    New carcass construction inside for greater force distribution on shots, Updated digital Telstar pattern inspired by the original adidas World Cup ball used in 1970.

    Embedded NFC chip enables you to interact with the ball using a smartphone

    8: Nike Merlin Soccer Ball 2019 White-Crimson-Black:

    Designed with a 12-panel configuration to reduce seams, create a wider striking surface, and offer accurate flight.

    Latex bladder is wrapped in cloth to maintain air pressure and keep the ball in shape. 37% synthetic/33% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton.

    Nike Merlin Football FEWER SEAMS, BIGGER SWEET SPOT. Tech innovation arrives on the pitch in the Nike Merlin Football.​

    9: Select Numero 10:

    Numero 10 comes with many colors and designs to choose from.The ball is hand-stitched and does comply with IMS (International Match Standard) regulations.

    • The Optimal Price/Performance soccer ball
    • Soft, durable 1.5mm polyurethane cover and zero-wing latex bladder for optimal touch and bounce
    • NCAA and NFHS Approved; Made with FPUS 1500 synthetic leather
    • 2 year warranty

    10: Brine Championship

    Brine's Championship II soccer ball features a premium high-performance glossy PU cover and Brine-Engineered Air Retention (B.E.A.R.) bladder system for the highest level of foot-feel, balance, and playability. Hand-stitched. Optimal for match-level play. NFHS approved. 

    This ball is hand-stitched and its cover is made from Polyurethane (PU) which provides a good experience on the field.

    Size 5 Training Soccer Balls Pros And Cons

    Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball Review

    Soccer games are what everyone looks forward to, but it's actually at practice that teams and players improve. To make sure that your team is improving, you need to have the right training soccer ball. Below are a few things to look into when purchasing your team training soccer balls. 

    How Many Training Balls to Buy?

    Our teams normally have about 10-12 soccer balls for High school teams, but you can get away with 6-8 good balls. You want a good amount of balls so that you can do individual training as well during practice. With 10-12 balls, you can allow players to team up and have one ball per couple. This allows you to maximize the time players spend on developing individual skills. 

    What Type of Training Ball to Buy?

    Training soccer balls are constructed to be very long lasting, durable, and may be used on special fields. These football training balls are better for practice and to learn with. Training soccer balls can be used to continue enhancing numerous motor skills. The size 5 soccer ball is widely recognized in shape and size for teens and for grownup soccer. For official sizes and regulations visit our article on soccer ball sizing. FIFA regulated size 5 ball weighs between 14-16 oz and must have a circumference of among 27-28 inches (70-68cm).

    Different Brands offers worthwhile training soccer balls So let’s dive in to have a view.

    Brine Soccer Training Ball

    My favorite soccer training ball and game ball for that matter is the Brine soccer balls. As mentioned in the Brine Soccer Ball Phantom article, we normally buy 8-10 balls every year as "match balls". We will then take those balls we used in the previous year for game balls, and use them as team training balls. 

    This allows us to get a few years out of them. This also gives us the opportunity to use premium Brine soccer balls as practice balls. Although they are a year old already, they were used sporadically during games. This happens because we use 8 soccer balls during the game, so even though we may play up to 20 games, the balls are not used every minute. 

    Adidas MLS Top Glider:

    Adidas gliders are superb professional soccer balls. This MLS Glider model manufactured for, practice, training reason and leisure playing. The blend of TPU, system-stitched construction and nylon-wound carcass offers soft feeling, water resistance, and sturdiness.

    The MLS Top Glider has a swish outer shell much like that of a professional soccer ball, that's manufactured from long-lasting polyester. It's available in numerous sizes like sizes 3 and 4 in addition to size 5, 5 being authentic and official size while 3 and 4 making it an incredible alternative for kids underneath the age of 12. The ball isn't always too heavy or not too light. It has diverse shads like gold, red, purple, orange and yellow.


    • · Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover.
    • · Beautiful looking soccer ball.
    • · Machine stitched panels.
    • · Reasonable price.
    • · Most air retention with a butyl rubber bladder.


      • · Do not play with it on the beach or concrete.
      • · It is not a street soccer ball.

    Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball:

    Mikasa soccer ball is one of the brilliant ones in case you are looking for training balls. It is far low-cost. This ball gives enough softness to the chest, head, and foot because of its stitching panels and clean cushioned composite cover. The gentle touch way a reasonably actual right motion at the same time as working on shots or crosses. Younger gamers get much less manage with hand-stitched football balls.

    However, for the grown-ups, hand sewing ball is not a trouble to tackle. The price is not excessive and now not low each. Pretty first-rate to be a first-rate training ball. Control capabilities off the knee or chest sense near to real.


    · Available in various sizes 3, 4, and 5.

    · Lightweight.

    · Long-lasting stitching.

    · Maximum air retention way to the 2-ply butyl bladder.

    · Composite cover followed by using the tender cushion to deliver softness.


    · It is extremely bulky.

    Nike 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball:

    Want a GREAT training soccer ball without the hefty rate tag?

    Overall, this ball is an outstanding mid-price range option. It’s very long lasting and is particularly properly at maintaining its form over the years. Passing and ability actions feel extremely good (the bumps come up with the grip important to elastic in any climate), and it’s no longer too mild. The Strike is also pretty clear to see in snow, especially inside the yellow/pink colorway. However, it's for a bit greater high priced than comparable Adidas replicas.


    · Comes with surface dimples.

    · Very aerodynamic 12-panel design.

    · Great sturdiness.


    · Slightly highly-priced.

    In Conclusion:

    Selecting the right ball for your child is not alwasy easy. There are numerous factors that impact which size may be best for your child. But this list offers a few good selections that will allow your child to show up to practice with a good ball and without worrying about using a ball that you can't practice with.  

    As a coach, it can be frustrating to have kids using soccer balls that don't offer the right touch and feel so that kids can improve their game. Help your child improve by selecting the correct size 5 soccer ball that will enable them to perform well on the fied. 

    We would recommend the Brine soccer ball. We have used it for years in HS games and practice and has proven to offer quality and durability. However it is rather more expensive than the other training balls. 

    If you are looking for an Indoor Soccer Ball, you can check out our article on Best Indoor Soccer Balls.

    If you are looking for a Futsal Ball, you can check out our article on The Futsal Balls.

    2020 Glow in Dark soccer ball

    Light Up LED Soccer Balls

    Soccer is played throughout the world day or night. It's simply a matter of options, weather you can play on a professional soccer field or simply kick around your local facilities like the streets, parks or home backyard.

    Everywhere you go all over the world you will discover soccer and now with LED Light Up Soccer Balls, you may play football at any time too! The unique part about these balls is that you can use the lighted soccer balls in the day just like regular soccer balls and then turn the LED light on at night to make an extraordinarily fun and amusing soccer game.

    LED soccer balls size 5 use a durable semi-transparent rubber that lets the LED light to glow bright. In 2020 the advances in technology now allow the LED light to glow much brighter than previous older glow ball models. And you don't need to "charge" the LED Light Up Soccerball before playing a match or a game - just turn it on and start playing your game! Plus these night match soccer balls have long-lasting replaceable batteries so you don't need to fear about your night time game.  

    The majority of Light Up Soccerballs are now Push Button Activated - no longer need a kick to activate it, so there is no longer the fear of more time wasted turning your ball back on! Just flip the ball on and it remains on until you have finished your game – what a concept! Use the following lighted soccer balls at your match and take a look at out how plenty fun playing at night can and will be!

     GlowCity glow in the dark soccer ball 

    • The GlowCity Blazing Smart LED Light Up Soccer Ball is a size 5: The GlowCity LED Soccer Ball can be seen a few hundred yards away so anyone on the pitch can see it, yes even the goalie! 
    • IMPACT ACTIVATED: Our Soccer Ball has a quality like no other. Unlike waiting for a glow in the dark soccer ball to charge under light our smart LED bulbs are instant!
    • SUPER BRIGHT: At night two Hi Bright LED's will fully illuminate the soccer ball into a magnificent Glow. Both intensely bright LED's are designed to fit inside the soccer ball.
    • DURABLE QUALITY: Nylon wound, very strong soccer ball. Batteries are included as well as very easily replaceable. In addition we are now including a second set of batteries with our blazing soccer ball! Our rubber grommets protect the LEDs to make the soccer ball fully water resistant.
    • FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: GlowCity strives to provide the best customer service to our customers. We provide a 60-day hassle free repair/replace guarantee on all our products.

    Includes Preinstalled Hi Bright LED's

    When you receive your Blazing Red Soccer Ball the lights and batteries will already be installed in the ball. All you will need to do is fill the ball with air and you are ready to go.

    We are also now including replacement batteries with the LED Blazing Red Soccer Ball!

    Wait Till Night Falls:

    Playing a Soccer game at night will never be the same, this Light Up Blazing Red Soccer Ball will be the talk of the neighborhood and everyone will want one. Be the first to have the GlowCity LED Blazing Red Soccer Ball

    Tangle NightBall Inflated Soccer Ball - LED Soccer Ball

    Do kicks with your tricks! This ball is Perfect for a night match, the Inflated Soccer ball illuminates brightly with each kick and pass.

    The Tangle NightBall Inflated Soccer has a 9” diameter for size 5. Batteries included and replaceable (6 LR44 button cell).

    For ages 8 and up. It comes in green, yellow, blue and white colors. 

    NightMatch Light Up Ball   

    This light up soccer ball can be used for so many events and is something the whole family can enjoy! The official size of these night match balls is a soccer ball size 5. Two LED lights used to light up these glow balls. The soccer balls will stay glowing until you are done playing. The LED lights are battery operated.

    This glow in the dark soccer ball is great quality and will last for a long time. The coolest things about these light up balls are that they have Smart LED lights.  This soccer ball is a great addition to your sports equipment and can keep the fun going all night long!

    NightBall LED Soccer ball

    A little less quality with this ball. The true bounce is off, but for night time fun, this ball will help you get the soccer game going and provide hours and hours of fun. 

    You can also use this ball to keep your child engaged with soccer before bedtime in their bedroom, or during the evening hours if you live in unsafe neighborhoods or the child is too young to be out in the dark. 


    Glow in the dark soccer balls are an amazing toy that even non soccer enthusiasts will love. It's a great product to add a little sauce to your evening activities and keep kids active. We are not promoting this as a development product, but it is a great ball to keep kids interested and playing with the soccer ball. 

    We recommend the GlowCity Led Soccer ball, it's just simply head and shoulders above the the competition for several reasons mentioned above. 

    One final recommendation is to use it for development inside the child's bedroom at night time. They can have fun while developing their skills before bedtime. If you are struggling to get your child to play with their ball, the glow in the dark soccer ball may be your best option. Cheers! 

    2018/19 Nike Professional Soccer Ball Merlin

    Every year Nike brings us the best of the professional soccer balls. This year is no different.  Nike recently unveiled the Nike Merlin Professional soccer ball that will be in used in Italy for the Italian Seria A, in Engand for the EPL, and in Spain for La Liga. Each league received their own colors for their respective league, but the Merlin soccer ball design is the same. 

    The Premier League Merlin Soccer Ball integrates All Conditions Control (ACC) to provide optimal touch and control in all weather and field conditions.  This is the first time that Nike has used the ACC for a soccer ball. 

    The debossed grooves and 3D inks in the ball will further improve its feel and aerodynamics, helping it move through the air. This will ensure a true bounce and improve the accuracy of specialty kicks from professional players, such as curving and knuckling shots. 

    And the ball’s colours, a mix of white, black, purple, blue and yellow, will help players identify more easily which way it is spinning, when it will drop, and how fast it is travelling. This will give them crucial milliseconds to decide what magic they will apply next. . 

    These colours are 3D-printed onto the ball and "engineered to dry at levels and locations that vary by millimetres" to improve aerodynamics. Each league will have different colors. So make sure you get the right one for your favorite league! 

    But Nike wasn't done yet innovating the 2018/19 Merlin soccer ball. Nike decided to  give the 2019 ball only 4 panels andmake the official ball for the 2018/19 Premier League the most advanced yet. Why is this innovative and improved from the traditional 32 panel? The innovative four-panel construction (and the first ball to ever have only 4 panels) gives the nike ball a bigger sweet spot.  Fewer panels mean fewer seams, eliminating hard spots and opening the ball up to more sweet spots for Premier League players to shoot or pass with more accuracy.

    And finally inside the ball is the bladder, a crucial hidde component to every ball,  which is made from latex rather than the traditional rubber, which will help the ball maintain a consistent shape and maintain air pressure. 


    Nike set out to make one of the most advanced professional soccer balls known today for the 2018/19 season. There are different prices and levels for you and your child. Let's take a look at each one of them. ​

    Materials: 37% synthetic leather/33% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton

    Best Soccer Balls Under $50

    Soccer, or “football”, as it is known around the world, is by far the most popular sport in the world. The “beautiful game”, as some may call it, offers players the ability to exercise, be part of a team, and demonstrate their athletic abilities. The game however would not be the same without the soccer ball. But what type of soccer ball should you buy? There are so many choices out there. For this reason, we have developed a list of the best soccer balls under $50 to help you navigate the world of imposters and marketing, and get the best soccer ball money can buy!


    The quality of the soccer ball does have an impact on the soccer game and ultimately the soccer players performance. There are plenty of good quality soccer balls under $50. The quality may also impact the final outcome of the score of the game. Many novice players may not even consider the quality, but depending on the quality, some players may be able to shoot with power, while others may struggle. The quality of the ball will also impact the passing and receiving. A soccer ball with too much air may be too bouncy and impact the first touch of the player, or too heavy and become too hard while still losing it's integrity. A soccer ball that is under inflated may impact the ability of players to get a good feel and make correct passes to other teammates, not to mention, no one wants to play with an under inflated ball!

    True Bounce, Responsiveness

    A good quality soccer ball will have a good “true” bounce. This means that the ball will bounce in an angle directly in proportion to where it came from. If the ball hits the ground in a 90 degree angle from the air, then a good quality soccer ball will bounce right back up, in the 90 degree angle from the ground. Think about geometry and playing pool, those balls each have a true bounce and you can determine the angle of their bounce through geometry.

    Soccer balls are inspected by FIFA for their “bounce” quality and will only pass certain FIFA inspections if the ball’s real bounce meets their criteria. The reason a soccer ball’s bounce is so critical is that players learn to dribble, pass, receive, and shoot with a ball that has that true bounce. The lower the “true bounce” or responsiveness on a ball, the more likely a player will make a mistake when receiving, passing, or shooting the soccer ball. Some fans and players have criticized World Cup balls in the past claiming that the manufacturer purposely changed the dynamics on the ball to get more goal scoring and make it more difficult for the keepers to judge the ball's trajectory. 

    Brine Soccer Ball in High School Game

    You can just imagine that professional premium soccer balls are the most expensive, have the highest quality, and therefore have the “truest bounce”. But don’t worry, you can still find a nice premium match or  training ball under $50.

    Keep in mind that a soccer ball’s quality or cost will not make or break your young soccer player, the kids still have to put their time into training and development. Materials, stitching, design, and diameter won’t matter as much as the “true bounce” of a soccer ball. Although the materials used, the hand stitching, and diameter will impact the soccer ball’s “true bounce” and responsiveness.

    A soccer ball that is inflated properly, made of good materials, and has a true bounce, will glide correctly through the air. A ball that is not inflated properly will not “fly” correctly due to the imbalance of the air inside the ball. Many advanced soccer players like to make the ball curve by kicking one side of the ball and making it spin rapidly to create a curve in the air. Some like to “knuckle” the ball, by kicking the ball exactly in the center and eliminating the spin completely as the soccer ball travels in the air. This can only be done when a soccer ball is inflated correctly and has a “true bounce” as the ball will need to “bounce” off the foot of the player.

    To get closer to a good premium soccer ball, you must know where to find them and not fall into the marketing trap of some of these companies. To help you, I’ve developed the list of balls under $50 that will provide some guidance. 


    Soccer balls today, as of 2019, are made mostly of synthetic materials. The advances in technology have allowed soccer ball manufacturers to offer great quality soccer balls at lower prices since these materials can be made much easier. Just a few decades ago balls were still covered with naturally occurring materials, including leather. These advances have improved the performance, including the “true bounce” of a soccer ball, and added to the life of a soccer ball. The synthetic material also allows the ball to stay dry during wet rainy soccer games.


    Soccer balls come in a few different sizes and weights. The most common soccer ball is a size 5, which is used by children 13 years old and up to professional soccer leagues. The next smaller ball is a size 4, which are used by children ages 9 years old to 12 years old. This ball is a bit smaller than the size 5. The other “match ball” size is a size 3, which are used by children under 9 years old. Although these are lower priced balls under $50, the ball may be smaller in size, but the same still applies to the quality and their “true bounce”.


    Don’t be fooled by designs on a soccer ball. The majority of the people we speak to say they buy a soccer ball based on the design. Don’t fall into this category. While soccer balls come in all types of designs, you want to analyze the quality of the ball if you are going to use it as a “match ball”. For fun around the house, the design can be whatever you choose. But for practice and/or a game ball, make sure you select your soccer ball based on quality and feel, and less on design.

    Select Sport America

    Select Sport America actually make really good soccer balls, but since they are not the large companies like Nike and Adidas, they don’t have a large marketing budget. What you must know is that Select manufacture some quality match balls.

    Let’s start with my first pick of the best soccer balls under $50, the Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball. We’ve used this ball for years now. The popular numero 10 Soccer ball comes with a high visability Orange color. I mentioned earlier not to be fooled by colors, but this orange color will help to avoid losing your ball at the soccer field. The Numero 10 also features textured casing for maximum durability and to assist with the “true bounce”.

    The ball is made of US 1500 synthetic leather and is hand-sewn PU cover with zero-wing bladder for optimal “true” bounce. This ball has a 2-Year Warranty and is approved by the NSCAA and NFHS. Although not FIFA approved, I can say that this ball is of good quality, has a good “true bounce” and maintains that true bounce throughout its life. If you want a good quality soccer ball for training and official games, this is definitely a soccer ball you can get for under $50.  Select also offers numerous colors and sizes to select your favorite ball.

    Select Sport America Royale Soccer Ball

    Other Select soccer balls under $50 include the America Royale. This ball is IMS(International Match Standard) and NFHS/NCAA Approved; Made with FPUS 1800 synthetic leather. The ball has fantastic control and feel in all weather and pitch conditions, especially those wet rainy days when other balls underperform. The Royale is hand stitched with 1.8 mm PU cover and with zero wing latex bladder for optimal “true” bounce. This one also comes with a 2 year warranty, like most Select balls, and several different color options.

    Brine Soccer Balls - 

    The Phantom X ​

    Brine is another soccer ball manufacturer that doesn’t get the love and respect it deserves due to marketing budgets. They do not pay Messi or Ronaldo $1 billion to promote their brand, so instead they focus on providing their customers with good quality soccer balls.

    In my experience coaching High School soccer, the majority of the high schools use Brine Soccer balls for training and games. Let’s discuss a few Brine soccer balls that fall under $50.

    The Brine Phantom X is a ball that can be used for training and soccer games. Some colleges even use the Phantom ball for training and games. The Phantom is a little higher premium than the Select in my opinion and experience. The Phantom offers a High performance non-woven textured PU cover which is extremely durable and helps to maintain the shape and integrity of the ball. There is now a newly designed and improved ball for 2018/19, with a new HA Bladder. The Phantom is NFHS approved and hand stitched as most premium balls. Brine also offers the 2 year manufacturer guarantee. 

    ​Brine Voracity Soccer Ball

    Brine also offers the Voracity Soccer ball with not quite the same appeal as the Phantom, but still a good training ball with great quality. The Voracity offers an Abrasion-resistant, soft Polyurethane cover for responsiveness on the pitch. The High Retention Latex bladder system and hand stitching help to maintain that responsive “true bounce” from strong shots and passes.