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Top Recommended Kids Soccer Balls for U6, U7, U8, and U9 youth Soccer players. 

Are you going to search for an ideal and perfect kids soccer ball? Great! let’s have a look at the list of best kids soccer balls on this planet. The list shown below could assist you in figuring out and selecting the correct soccer ball for your youngsters. Soccer balls, as you may already know, come in different sizes for various age groups, thus most of the time parents usually get confused in deciding or choosing the right one according to the age of their child. So this post will help you to get rid of your ultimate confusion and fear. These sizes vary from 3 to 5 respectively. Take a look at the examples below. 

· size 3 soccer ball is for under 8-year-old kids. This may also be known as u8 soccer player or u8 soccer team, or u8 soccer league. Just so you are aware, there are no longer U8, U9, U10 etc team names, they now go by the birth year. So instead of U8, it is now 2011 or 2010, depending on the birthyear. 

· size 4 kid soccer ball is for 8-12-year-old children, or again sometimes referred to U9 to U12 Soccer teams, players, etc. 

The correct size for a U12 soccer player, or in 2019 better known as a 2008 birthyear soccer player, is a size 4. The u12 soccer ball size for u12 players that will be used in the Fall of 2019 will be a size 4 soccer ball. The best thing to do is to start understanding the correct age groups for kids. The reason the u12 soccer ball size is used for U12, it’s because they are too young still for a size 5 soccer ball. It will be in the Fall of 2020 when 2008 players (or U13 in 2020) will begin using a size 5 ball.

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· size 5 youth soccer ball is for 12-year-olds and up, or again sometimes referred to as U13, U14, etc. 

There are numerous soccer balls for kids however we are going to discuss the specialties of few of them below.

Best Kid’s Soccer Balls ‘ specifications:

1. Wilson Traditional:

Wilson Traditional ball incorporates a typical, cheap, however trendy and modern white and black pentagon panels look. Its top quality and classic style attract children for some reason…. The exterior part of the ball is made up of soft synthetic leather which gives a sleek sense of touch. This kid soccer ball is not solely eco-friendly but easy to clean. This is best for backyard or street pitch.

2. Chastep 8:

Chastep 8 is one of the most effective soccer balls for young kids. It’s a moderate weight foam ball which kids can manage easily. Great for beginners and kids learning soccer skills or playing indoors. Chastep 8 comes in a variety of colors like black and blue. The ball’s whole cover is made up of polyurethane material that is free from dangerous chemicals. 

3. Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball:

This is the best kids soccer ball by far. It’s safe and sound for kids. It’s utterly eco-friendly and created from very light-weight material. Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball comes in all standard sizes with a different and unique color combination. It’s appropriate and suitable for all practicing surfaces whether it’s a playground or a local practice area like home, school or the street.

4. American Challenge Brasilia:

This American Challenge soccer ball is specially designed for the entry-level players like the U8 or U7 Soccer player. This ball’s outer part is made of high-level thermoplastic polyurethane. The inner part of the American Challenge ball contains Hybrid SR bladder. The colors of this soccer ball are very vibrant and lively to keep kids interested and active. 

5. Mikasa Serious:

Kids can enjoy their game safely with this ball on and off the field. This soccer ball got very unique unisex pattern design. Due to its unisex design, it’s equally popular among girls and boys. It can stand against the rough game due to its synthetic leather cover. The durability of this ball is far beyond one’s expectations.

Final Words:

In the light of the above-mentioned summary, we can hold that the manufacturers of these kids soccer balls keep each and every kid’s interest in mind. Each of them has good durability and come at a great price. That’s one thing to keep in mind, these balls are for kids to practice. You can find Messi soccer balls in the Best Adidas Messi Soccer Balls.

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