Futsal Ball Size 5 ?

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What exactly is a Futsal Ball Size 5? There are many people new to Futsal or Futbol Sala who don’t understand the correct ball sizes for futsal. Since many of the players, parents, and coaches are usually learning about futsal AFTER they have been playing soccer or football for a while, there is this period of adjustment. Sometimes they spend weeks and months looking for a futsal ball size 5, without success. 

Futsal must be viewed as a completely different sport from soccer. If you are going to accept futsal as a tool for soccer player development, you must accept that futsal or futbol sala is a completey different sport.

The problems begin when the soccer player, parent, or coach attempts to familiarize themselves with futsal by adopting the soccer or football rules. I recommend you come into futsal with a clean slate and just be open to anything. ​

The sport of futsal is not played with a ball size 5. The size 2-5 is only for soccer. Futsal uses a different measurement for their balls. They are also different in the fact that futsal balls are stuffed with cotton or other materials to reduce the bounce. ​The futsal ball’s properties are specifically designed to improve the player development process and improve technique. Many programs around the world also claim that smaller size encourages more precise striking of the ’sweet spot’ of the ball. If one works during the offseason on striking a futsal ball, then a larger bouncier ball is struck with greater confidence and authority in the outdoor game.

So don’t waste your time searching for a futsal ball size 5, because they don’t exist. Well I take that back, there are some companies trying to get into the futsal ball game and have manufactured balls that are either the size of a size 5 soccer ball and they call it “futsal”, OR there are some companies that manufacture a futsal ball that is supposedly a “size 4 futsal ball” but is the size a “size 5 soccer ball”. But trust me, there is NO SUCH THING as a size 5 futsal ball!!! The whole point of the futsal ball is that it is smaller than the soccer ball. 

So how do you know when you are buying the correct futsal ball size? And how can avoid cheap futsal balls? Well first you must go with a reputable company. Then you must learn the futsal ball sizes. The Futsal Ball sizes used vary by country, but the size of the ball should not change. What we mean is that in Brazil they use a size 1 futsal ball for young kids until 7 years old! But in Spain they start with the Futsal Ball size 2! So don’t get confused with this as long as your kids are using smaller futsal ball is what matters. In the US, kids only use futsal ball size 3 up until age 12, then they switch to the size 4. BUT NEVER USE A FUTSAL BALL SIZE 5!  you will be playing with the wrong ball if you are playing with a size 5 futsal ball. 


So stick to this rule, use Futsal ball size 2 for kids 7 and under, Size 3 for 8-12, and Size 4 for 13 and older. Sometimes the words JUNIOR Futsal Ball or SENIOR Futsal Ball are used to interchange for size 3 and 4. JUNIOR size futsal ball just means it’s for younger kids 8-12 years old. And SENIOR size futsal ball means it’s for kids 13 and older all the way up to adult. Don’t skip out on a good ball because they don’t have a size 3 or 4 on it. 

And where is the best place to get these futsal balls? ONLINE! trust me the sports stores in your neighborhood won’t carry them, futsal is just not mainstream enough for the local stores to carry them, and besides it’s 2018 the online shopping craze is here to stay!

These are my top 3 futsal balls based on performance and wear and tear. Remember that Futsal balls will take a harsher beating because they are used are hard surfaces, not the nice soft grass outdoors!​

First is the select sport america Jinga Futsal ball, this has durability, quality, and great design. They have two ball sizes, Junior (same size as 3 in soccer for kids 8-12) and Senior (same size as 4 in soccer for kids 13 and up). 

Comparison Chart

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Select Sport America Senior Jinga Futsal Ball, White
SELECT Futsal Master Futsal Ball, White, Senior
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Mitre Pro Futsal Soccer Ball
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Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball, Fair Trade Certified, Green/Yellow, Size 4 (Ages 13 & Up)

Select Sport America Jinga Futsal Ball

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Select Sport America Master Grain Futsal Ball

This ball is the official futsal ball of the US Futsal! They have certainly manufactured a ball that will withstand the pounding of professional athletes. only downside is that this ball is only offered in size 4 or SENIOR. Yeah that’s a bummer, but it’s the best one for 13 and up. ​

Mitre Pro Futsal Soccer Ball

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The Mitre pro futsal ball is the official ball of the newly formed PFL (Professional Futsal League) in the United States! The ball is  only offered in size 4 or SENIOR. This is a quality ball if there ever was one!​

Senda Rio Premium Training Low-Bounce Futsal Ball

51DMIG tT L. SL500

Finally we have Senda Athletics, a new up and coming, but serious futsal company that knows their stuff!! They have both size 3 and 4 size futsal balls. They are also sponsors of the USYF, the largest youth futsal league in the US.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about futsal balls and the sizes. Please do not waste your time searching for a size 5 futsal ball, it does not exist. And in case they are out there somewhere, don’t buy it, it’s probably from a company that doesn’t know futsal. 

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