Nike Soccer Ball Size 4

The Nike Soccer ball size 4 is especially manufactured to serve the needs of children between the ages of 9-12. As the age of 13 years old, children in the US will transition to the adult size soccer ball, the size 5. 

The Nike Soccer Ball size 4 is the second largest soccer ball that is manufactured. Nike has numerous designs and colors. Nike always has the vision to develop several soccer ball designs for the size 4 soccer ball that will be appealing.

The Nike Soccer ball size 4 is also the same size as the SENIOR FUTSAL BALL. This one can also be purchased online or at a local sports specific store. ​

To play at an elite level, children don't necessarily need an expensive size 4 nike soccer ball, but you should look for a good quality ball to ensure they are getting a good feel. As long as the Nike soccer ball has a good bounce, holds air adequately, and has a quality cover, your child should be able to do everything they ever dreamed of with a soccer ball. 

Nike offers several size 4 soccer balls in different price ranges. Let's take a look at a few of them. ​

Nike Strike Serie A Soccer Football (SIZE 4)

Nike SIZE 4 ball is ideal for Ages 8 –12 Resisting and made of high tech materials, this new ball combines an exceptional look to the ultra modern technologies. The 12 panels make the structure more compact and impact resistant This size 4 ball is Made of TPU material, it provides a long durability and accuracy for unparalleled shooting. The nike size 4 ball is Reinforced with synthetic material, it allows your child to increase the speed and power of play for development.


The NIKE 32-panel Size 4 ball is designed for durability for those long days of training with your young child. Machine-stitched TPU casing is designed for consistent play throughout the day. The Nike size 4 has a High-contrast graphics for easier visual tracking. The ball is made of 60% RUBBER 15% POLYURETHANE 13% POLYESTER and 12% EVA

Nike Ordem size 4 Official Match Ball USA Team Soccer Ball. 12-panel design for accurate flight; flight further enhanced by the Nike Aerowtrac grooves that help stabilize. Nike Aerowtrac grooves and micro-textured casing designed to deliver accurate flight in this size 4 ball. Withstands high-level play from all kids and maintains flight and shape retention with a fuse-welded synthetic leather casing. The Nike Soccer ball size 4 is 40% synthetic leather/30% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton.

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