Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

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Adidas Copa Soccer Cleats are arguably the most iconic soccer cleats known to mankind. The biggest reason for it’s iconic status is that the copas were at one point basically the ONLY soccer shoe competing with Puma. It wasn’t until the late 70s and 80s that Nike came along. 

Back in the early days of soccer,  Adidas or Puma were the reigning kings of soccer cleats for boys and girls, men and women. There were not many styles available since TV wasn’t a popular and print media was just getting started. 

Adidas started manufacturing the Copa Mundial Soccer cleats in 1979 and then later put them on display at the 1982 World Cup. 

Copa Mundial Cleats are special

How Special are the Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats? Well the adidas shoes are still the most widely used and sold when compared to any other soccer cleat. If that’s not enough, the greats such as Maradona, Zidane, and Beckenbauer also wore the famous copa mundials. Their quaility and design are so special that FIFA uses the copas as the official soccer cleats for referees. 

There have been a few variations since 1979, but the quality and design remains superior to that of any other soccer cleat. Adidas came out with a white and blue color copa cleats in 2013 (Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial 18.3 fg soccer cleats). Still made near Frakfurt, Germany, the adidas boots are made with kangaroo leather. It also boasts a reinforced heel panel and twelve-stud outsole design, with some extra leather in the heal for support.

How do Adidas Copa Mundial cleats feel?

Well i’ve owne 3 different pairs over the past 20 years. What you need to know is that many soccer shoe companies will sacrifice quality for design and style. Since soccer companies are there to sell cleats, they must give into the demands of the market. Kids want the coolest and popular colors and designs. 

However the Adidas Copa Cleats offer all of it. A classic style and design, with superior quality and comfort. This is one reason they’ve never changed it much, it’s too good to change. 

From my experience in owning 3 seperate pairs, I can tell you that the feel of wearing Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats is amazing. The shoes are very light but offer incredible support becuase of the kangaroo leather. They last forever because they are sewn at the bottom of the sole, not glued on like the rest of the cleats of today. The soft kangaroo leather gives you a feel that the shoe is wrapped around your foot, you almost feel barefoot.