Best Messi Soccer Cleats Shoes

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Messi Soccer Shoes 2019, 2020

Messi is a quiet person off the pitch, unlike his game on the soccer field. Adidas has managed to design Messi’s soccer cleats the same as his personality, Classic, quality, and with an impeccable performance.

In this article we will examine Messi’s best soccer shoes for youth soccer players. We will focus on the newest releases since we are looking to help you make the best deicision when purchasing your child’s Messi football cleats.  

Comparison Chart

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adidas Boy’s Nemeziz Messi 19.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe, Royal Blue/Silver/Yellow, 10.5 Little Kid
31C0lfPPz4L. SL100
adidas Unisex-Kid’s Nemeziz Messi 19.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe, White/Solar Red/Football Blue, 1 M US Little Kid
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adidas Unisex-Kid’s Nemeziz Messi 19.3 Turf Soccer Shoe, White/Solar Red/Football Blue, 12K M US Little Kid
41NujXiAryL. SL500
adidas Nemeziz Messi 18.1 Fg Emode/Emode Soccer Shoes 9.5
adidas Men’s Nemeziz Messi 19.3 FG Sneaker, Indigo/Green/Purple, 10.5 M US

Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 19.4 Soccer Shoes

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We love this simple yet powerful design of the Messi Nemeziz. Adidas claims that it’s a commitment that skills should be about wins, not likes. They are trying to explain that skill and talent are not about hype and social media, or marketing (although that’s what they do, lol).

But they want you to know that if you are looking for a shoe with impeccable performance and you’re ready to carry your team to victory, then soccer cleat is for you.

With Messi’s logo on the outsole, the soft synthetic upper on these juniors’ soccer cleats fits your foot shape to keep you comfortable as you weave your Messi magic. 

Messi Nemeziz Features:

  • 100% Synthetic
  • White/Solar Red/Football Blue
  • Juniors’ soccer cleats designed for firm ground and artificial grass
  • Lace closure; Regular fit
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Mono-tongue construction molds to your foot shape
  • Offer sizes for Toddlers and Older kids

Messi New Soccer Shoes

Adidas comes out with Messi Youth Soccer Cleats every year and this one was no different. They offer several different various of youth soccer shoes for boys and girls that are big fans of Messi.

The new Messi Nemeziz kids soccer cleats come in two more colors, Pink and Solar Red. You can view both to the right. The Pink Messi soccer cleats may be a good option for your daughter. 

Messi Nemeziz Indoor Soccer and Futsal Shoe

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What we love about the Messi Nemeziz indoor soccer shoes is the soft finish on the synthetic leather. For young kids especially, indoor soccer and futsal shoes can be difficult to fit, but this finish helps with the fit and feel. 

Adidas have designed a simple white soccer shoe for indoor play. The shoes can also be worn on a futsal court since they have a flat sole. The flat sole allows players to play on turf and on a hard court like in Futsal.

Indoor Messi Nemeziz Features:

  • 100% Synthetic
  • White/Solar Red/Football Blue
  • Juniors’ indoor shoes  designed for Futsal and artificial grass
  • Lace closure; Regular fit
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Mono-tongue construction molds to your foot shape

Nemeziz Messi 19.3 Turf Soccer Shoe for kids

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Ok, so you reviewed the Messi Indoor Soccer and Futsal shoes. You also took a look at the outdoor grass Messi cleats, not lets take at the turf shoes. Although you could also use the flat indoor shoes on turf, some may choose to buy the turf shoes.

These are specifically  made for turf and a hard outdoor ground. However you will struggle if used inside of a hard surface like futsal court. 

The turf soccer Messi shoes are different from indoor soccer shoes in that they have small rubberized spikes on the sole of the shoe. This is what is used as traction for turfs, weather it’s inside or outside.

These rubber spikes will get less traction on a court. They could also be used instead of cleats on a hard dry ground, one that lacks much grass. 

Turf Soccer Shoes Features:

  • 100% Synthetic 
  • Optimized for artificial turf
  • Lace closure; Enhances Regular fit
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Anti-abrasion rubber outsole for traction on artificial turf
  • Numerous sizes for kids, toddlers

New Messi Soccer Latest Soccer Cleats

The newest and latest that Adidas and Messi have to offer. Adidas holds nothing back when creating the soccer cleats for the best goal scorer of all time. 

Just like youth Messi soccer shoes, the adult cleats are quality, classical, and impeccable performance on the field. The Nemeziz adult shoes can get more expensive as the quality of the finish improves.  

Messi Nemeziz 18.1 FG Adult Soccer Cleats

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Some premium shoes for the serious soccer athlete. The Nemeziz 18.1 are inspired by sports taping and mimics the athletic taping for a true fit. The Agility Bandage gives you support plus total mobility for optimal play and performance. 


  • Synthetic
  • Responsive touch; Dual lock collar for ankle stability
  • Agility Weave forefoot provides a direct touch on the ball
  • Lightweight Messi Gambetrax 2.0 outsole leaves Messi’s unique footprint

The Messi Nemeziz 19.3 Adult Soccer Cleats


The 19.3 Nemeziz cleats are an improved version from the 18.3s that came out in the previous year.

These offer a few more designs like the White, Blue, Black, and Pink, but also continue wiht the great performance on the field. 


Adidas is one of the largest Sports apparel companies in the world and they have the best soccer player in the world under contract. When you buy a pair of Messi Nemeziz soccer cleats for your son or daughter, you are purchasing the best that Adidas has to offer in terms of design and quality and performance. They cannot afford to miss the opportunity to put their brand name next to the icon Lionel Messi. 

They offer several designs, colors, and types of soccer shoes to meet your child’s needs, including indoor soccer shoes, outdoor soccer cleats, indoor futsal flat shoes, and even turf shoes for kids and adults.