Adidas Predator Indoor Soccer Shoes 2020

Adidas Predator indoor soccer shoes are a stable in the indoor soccer shoe market and for good reason. It was retired footballer, Craig Johnston, that came up with the idea to use rubber patches or strips on the top of the boot, which would increase friction between the boot and the ball, improving ball control.

Today, Adidas views the Predator soccer shoe line as one of the mainstays. Although the shoe line was retired in 2015, it was quickly broght back in 2017 and going strong. We discuss some of the best options in the indoor soccer shoes including the Adidas Predators. 

We still remember the days when David Beckham and Zinadine Zidane rocked the Predator cleats during their hayday. It was 1994 when Adidas launched the first Predator soccer shoe. Adidas had finally nailed it with a great shoe and a great marketing campaign. That was years ago and today the technology in shoe manufacturing has changed dramatically. 

Today the Adidas Predator indoor soccer shoes have become much more popular as the sport of indoor and futsal have grown to huge numbers. Now every kid that plays outdoor soccer, also plays indoor soccer or futsal. That means that they each have to buy a pair of indoor shoes to wear. 

Adidas Men's Predator 19.3 Indoor Soccer Futsal Shoe

The synthetic leather Predator 19.3 indoor soccer shoe is combination of style and design. The Bold Blue/White/Active Red combination gives every player the look and feel that many desire. The suede toe is a touch of elegancy. 

The rubber sole offers stability and flexbility for running up and down indoors. The anatomically-designed mesh upper offers breathability and comfort in a snug sock-like material for a tight fit. 


  • Priced well
  • Great Flexibility
  • Great Style 


  • soles are glued on, not sewn

Adidas Predator Indoor Turf Soccer shoe 19.3

Another variation of the Predator indoor soccer shoes from adidas are the men's turf 19.3. These shoes are similar to the indoor and futsal shoes, with the major difference being the sole's small rubber spikes for turf. 

Make sure that when you are purchasing you play close attention to the item. Remember that Turf shoes will have small rubber studs on the sole, while the Indoor/Futsal shoes will have a flat sole for the gym floor. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Great Style and Design
  • Several Colors available


  • Limited sizes and availability

Kids Adidas Predator Soccer Shoes

Indoor Predators for Kids

Young kids also get the opportunity to show off their skills wearing the famous Adidas Predators indoors. The shoes also come in different styles and designs to meet the needs of the kids and their style. 

The kid's Predator line of indoor shoes also offer the same performance as the adults. With a sock-like fitting and comfort. A flat sole for futsal or indoor soccer.

Sizes available for both Little kids and Big Kids.


  • Fairly priced
  • Great Styles and Design


  • soles are glued on, not sewn
  • Kids Predator Turf Soccer shoes 19.3

    The kids can also wear the turf shoes, which offer the small rubber studs, for indoor soccer or outdoors on turf. The shoes are designed to be worn on a turf.  Made of synthetic leather. 

    The same goes for these incredible adidas predators, great design, style, and comfort. Sizes are available for Little Kids and and Big Kids. 


    • Great for any turf indoor or outdoor
    • Several options of colors, sizes, and styles


    • soles are glued on, not sewn 

    Premium expensive Predator Indoor Soccer Shoes

    The Adidas Predator 19+ are the top of the line when it comes to indoor soccer shoes. They offer a Laceless sock forefoot and a Stretchy collar for a tight fit for control and comfort. 

    The Adidas Primenit and Controlskin textile upper gives a cool design and feel. You get what you pay for with these Predators, which is a great shoe, with a great touch and feel. 


    The Adidas Predator soccer indoor and turf shoes have been around for years. Although at one point the Predators were the most popular, Adidas has recently focused more on the promotion and design of the predators, which is great for all players. 

    So weather it's for a child or adult, the adidas predators are a great choice for indoor soccer, Futsal, or even turf shoes for playing on turf fields. 

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