Adidas Soccer Shorts

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Soccer shorts manufacturers started out with long hemlines and the length all the way to the knees.. that was way back in the 1950s. This was the original soccer kits made by companies back then. 

In the late 1960s, Adidas began making uniforms and other apparel for Soccer teams, most notably starting with a track suit for the great Franz Beckenbauer. But only a few pairs of shorts were made. During the time between the 1940s  and 1970’s the shorts started getting shorter.

By 1970 the soccer shorts were very short and then got even shorter in the 1980s!! It’s almost embarrassing how short they were. Just take a look at a few photos of Maradona or Cruyf wearing basically speedos!

It was the 1990’s when Adidas and other soccer clothing manufacturers began producing football shorts with longer hemlines, thank goodness. Today the shorts are what we would call “normal”, but we are sure that the 80s and 70s thought the same thing about their short shorts….

So let’s take a look at some of the hottest and most popular Adidas soccer shorts on the market today. We will only discuss soccer shorts.

Best Adidas Soccer Shorts Mens

Easily one of the most comfortable shorts on the planet. The Adidas Regista Shorts offer comfort for men, women, and children of all ages, quality, style, and precision manufacturing. They also offer several colors to fit every man’s uniform needs and of course your style. The shorts offer a good length, great fit, and the lightweight of the short makes it easy for men to play soccer all day, even during the hot weather summer months. 

  • Featuring sustainable DRYDYE technology that dyes fabric without using water. 
  • Engineered with climacool® heat management.
  • Drawcord on elastic waist.
  • Diagonal mesh inserts on lower legs.

The adidas Regista are also great for working out. Weather you are playing, lifting, or exercising, these are perfect for every occassion. 

Another Adidas pair of soccer shorts that will conquer the needs of every soccer playing adult is The Squad 13 shorts. These soccer shorts offer a thicker, but heavier version of the Regista shorts. Depending on your desires, this short may be what you were looking for.

We feel that it’s a snugger fit, but overall the quailty and comfort are exceptional. Polyester Climalite: Stay dry, stay comfortable. Climalite keeps your body dry by drawing sweat away from the skin. Elastic/drawstring waist.

  • Polyester
  • Climalite: Stay dry, stay comfortable. Climalite keeps your body dry by drawing sweat away from the skin.
  • Elastic/drawstring waist.

Best Adidas Youth Soccer Shorts

Once again Adidas comes through with the Regista shorts for boys playing soccer. Weather it’s for a hot summer day at the park or part of their soccer uniform, the adidas shorts are  great for youth sports players in general.  

The Boys Adidas Regista soccer shorts offer a durable polyester finish that will last the wear and tear that little kids put into their soccer shorts. From slide tackles on the soccer field to sliding down the slide on the playground, these shorts will meet the kid’s demands. 

  • Short Elastic waistband with drawstring 
  • Climacool ventilation keeps you cool and dry
  • Mesh inserts for breathability
  • 7.5 inch inseam 100% Polyester

Best Adidas Soccer Shorts Womens

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You could have probably guessed the answer… yes the Adidas Regista soccer shorts for women are ideal for the athletic girl out there who wants high performing soccer shorts, but that offer more than just good looks. Adidas gave the female version a slight modification to increase the style and performance of the shorts. 

The Regista version of the soccer short continues to impress everyone, including the opponents. The soccer shorts for women comes in several colors to fit your needs. 

  • 5 inches inseam (size Medium)
  • Climalite fabric sweeps sweat away from skin
  • Drawcord elastic waist lets you customize your fit
  • 3 Stripes on sides; piping above cuffs for a sporty look


The Adidas Regista shorts offer quality, style, and comfort for men, women, and youth soccer players of all ages. The shorts come in various sizes and colors to meet everyone’s needs. The durability is exceptional for such a light and comfortable material. We’ve worn these Regista shorts before and played many games in them, you can’t go wrong with these shorts. 

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