Size 3 Soccer Match Ball

Size 3 Soccer Match balls are seldom purchased for “match only” due to the fact that the soccer games for young players are mostly just for fun. The size 3 soccer ball was made for kids as young as toddlers starting to play and being introduced to soccer. The kids don’t graduate to a size 4 soccer ball until they are 9 years old. So most kids will play with a size 3 soccer ball from about 5  years old up to 9. During this time since the kids are so young, they will not put much wear and tear on the ball.

You can easily get away with having your son or daughter’s size 3 ball being a “training ball” and a “match ball”. A decent ball will continue to keep its shape and quality as long as it’s maintained appropriately by keeping it out of extreme weather conditions.

Remember that for the other kids who are still learning to love the game, a size 3 match ball probably won’t  make a huge difference. The point of playing at such a young age is to learn the basics of playing soccer. The majority of children playing with a size 3 ball are still developing their technique and the quality of the ball will be mostly irrelevant until they reach the age of 7 or 8, unless it has completely lost its integrity (or “true bounce”), then you definitely need to replace it.

However, there are a few exceptions where very high skilled young athletes compete at high level tournaments. These young soccer players will need a good size 3 match ball that will live up to their skills. You don't want to compromise their skills with a cheap training ball, you want a size 3 match football.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing a game ball for the elite young soccer players that needs a size 3 game ball.. 


You should expect to pay between $35 - $50 for a good quality size 3 footbalall match ball. Inspect the ball before you buy because there are numerous size 3 balls that appear well constructed and very shiny, but may be made from materials that impact the responsiveness. You can learn more about the construction and dynamics of a soccer ball by reading our Soccer Ball Sizes Explained article. 


A quality size 3 match ball can be difficult to find due to the fact that young kids are the ones playing with the ball. Make sure to review our article on Soccer Ball Sizes Explained and Best Soccer Ball for 8 Year old  to learn how to choose the best quality.

In the past I have found that some balls are very sticky and “stick” to the cleats of players. The end result is that kids are flying the down field and end up tripping over the ball when they attempt to take a touch to dribble. This can happen because the material the ball is made of has not been “broken in”. ​

Why is a soccer ball sticky? 

This happens mostly with balls made of Special TPU exterior material. I can’t figure out why the balls stick, but it’s mostly with my favorite balls. It has something to do with the material. One thing you can do to speed up the process and remove the stickyness of a new soccer ball is to wash it with some soap and dry it down with a towel. This takes a few practices most of the time and will eventually be your favorite ball.

Recommended Size 3 Match Soccer Balls

  • MLS CAPITANO BALL, INSPIRED BY MLS ACTION. Attack. Shoot. Repeat. Make every minute of training and game count with this soccer ball. 
  • Special TPU exterior material is designed to resist abrasion and last longer
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention to keep the ball's shape and stay inflated longer

  • Butyl bladder for perfect air retention to keep the ball's shape and integrity, and a Special TPU exterior material designed to resist abrasion and last longer
  • Designed as part of the 2015 Champions League Collection. The CL always creates some pretty cool soccer balls. 
  • Machined-stitched construction ensures soft touch and great durability for youth
  • A huge plus  is that this ball is also available in a mini size 1 ball, for inside training 🙂

Nike Gold Cup Pitch Soccer Ball

  • Built for intense training and youth games, the Nike Gold Cup Pitch Soccer Ball features a machine-stitched TPU casing with enhanced protection against tears and abrasions for long lasting ball. 
  • The reinforced butyl bladder ensures consistent shape retention for responsive, powerful touches.
  • Cool bright colors and graphics allow enhanced visibility of the ball, for easier prediction of trajectory for younger players. 


Soccer ball manufacturers don't always focus on making match balls in size 3 for youth football players.

One  major reason for this is that the market is very small, only kids between the ages of 6 and 10 years old are playing official games with a size 3 ball. Considering that most football and soccer leagues don't even start playing official games until the kids are 9 years old, this could potentially diminish the amount of kids actually playing football games at such a young age and shrink the market for size 3 premium soccer match balls.

For this and several other reasons, you will have a difficult time finding a size 3 match ball. But don't worry, we have included 3 very good options above for your review. We have also included many other resources within this blog that will help you decide. 

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