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Why a Ball on a String?

The ball on a string has a history that goes back to the early 1900’s, but no one knows really when they were mass produced. However, the ball on a string is probably the most convenient way to play and train on your own. The football on a string allows the child to train soccer or football without having to chase after the ball, making this toy one of the most efficient ways to train. 

How to Train with Football on String

As mentioned above, this tool allows the player to train for hours at a time and extremely efficient since there is ZERO time wasted on chasing balls. So what kind of training can you do with a ball on a string? Here is a list of the Top 10 ways to train with a soccer ball on a string. 

1. Soccer ball Juggling

Since the ball is on a string, you no longer have to worry about chasing it after you lose your juggle. Now you can practice all your juggline calm and collected since you don’t have to do the worst part of juggling….. chasing the ball down after a bad touch. 

Refer to the article on juggling to use all the techniques taught there. 

2. Football Volleys

Football Volley is one of the most amazing ways you can score a goal. The problem is that it’s so difficult to improve your volley because the kicks are very unpredictable until you get really good at them, so the ball will be kicked for about 30-50 yards away from the playing area. No one wants to chase that ball down. The football on a string though, allows you to practice as many volleys as you’d like and never ever have to go find the ball. 

You can do bicycles, shoot half volleys, in the air or on the ground, the shots are limited only to your imagination. The most important part is that the ball will be right next to you because of the string. Work on your volley technique though, don’t just kick for no good reason. A good rule is to learn to make contact with the ball and your laces, it’s not always how hard you kick the ball, but it’s about technique, because remember that the ball will already have some speed in the air. Also… be very careful and learn how to fall while attempting these volleys. 

3. Proper Soccer Ball Shooting Technique

With your football on a string, you can also train and perfect your proper shooting technique. You will have unlimited opportunities to shoot as many times as you want. Do practice all of them. Shoot with the laces, inside the foot, outside the foot, and even heel pass/shot. 

4. Proper Soccer Ball Passing

Same as with your shooting drills. Learn and use the proper techniques so that you are not wasting your time. Use the correct form and get unlimited amount of time on the ball. The ball on the string allows you to be extremely efficient and do nothing else but work on your ball passing. 

5. Receiving the soccer ball

So how does the ball on the string help you learn to receive the soccer ball? Well whenever you shoot or kick the ball (while training of course) the ball is normally pulled back into your body from the elastic string. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive the ball with the proper technique. Don’t just grab it with your hands, be even more efficient by properly receiving the ball with your feet, chest or other part of the body. 

6. Heading the Football

Just like the passing and shooting, the ball on the string will also help you improve your heading of the ball if you choose to. Practice proper heading technique and make sure your child is old enough to start heading the ball. Make sure the ball is the correct size. 

7. Quickness on your feet

To practice this, you must also receive the ball with your proper technique. So when the ball is kicked away, prepare yourself to receive the ball. Get on your toes immediately and be ready to adjust your body depending on where the ball will land. This will help you get quicker. Don’t waste any of these opportunities to improve your soccer game development. 

8. Gauging the ball

Also tied to quickness on your feet. Your player will learn to gauge where the ball will land. This one might be a stretch, but we had to make a top 10 list!!! Still try to gauge the speed and spin on the soccer ball as it approaches your body on the string. Processing this information will help you adjust and receive the ball with the appropriate part of the body. 

9. Punting for Keepers

Punting is another one of those things that you need a partner for that can retrieve the ball for you. But what if you don’t have someone? Or if you don’t have alot of space? Well now you can put the ball as much or as hard as you want because it’s not going anywhere with the string attached to it. This lets you practice your technique and form until there is no tomorrow. 

10. Free Kick Specialists

As with the shooting and passing, the ball on a string allows the soccer player to train all day long and focus on their form. This can be done without a goalie or teammate because the string will retrieve the ball for you. You can practice all of your favorite free kicks and perfect them through proper form. Spend the time training and not chasing balls. 


I owned about 3-4 soccer balls on a string during my lifetime. The ball on a string is a neat little toy, but it’s also dynamic football training tool. If you are serious about training and development, you need to have a football on a string. If you just want to have fun with your ball but don’t have a group of friends to train with, then this ball will never leave your side and you can spend your time playing instead of chasing. 

We Recommend the Star-Kick from SKLZ. This has everything you will need and it’s the best ball attached to a string or bungee. 

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