How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Juggling a soccer ball is a fun and unique skill to acquire. What we want you to understand is that great juggling skills does not equal great soccer player skills. However it's important to understand that the by working on your juggling it can help you improve your overall soccer game.

Juggling a ball will help every soccer player improve their first touch and gain better control of  the ball in the air. 

Why Are Great Soccer Players Great Jugglers? 

Many of the greatest soccer players were also great ball jugglers. Remember not to confuse the juggling skills with soccer skills. The reason many soccer greats are also great jugglers is because they spend so much time with the ball. To become a great player you have to live with a ball at your feet and this is what great players have done. They always had a ball with them, so when they couldn't kick it long, they juggled and continued playing with the ball. AND eventually also became great jugglers. 

Start out with one juggle with your thigh. Make sure that the ball is hitting our thigh and not your knee. To get to two, you have to relax and make sure you hit the ball up high enough to re adjust your position. Repeat for an hour or so every day. Then progress to three juggles. The 3rd juggle will be the most difficult. You must relax and learn to use both legs.

Then one juggle with your laces. To use your laces you must bend your knees. Do NOT hit the ball while it’s higher than your knee, because it will cause you to kick it up in the air. So bend your knees, relax, and stay calm. 

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