Soccer Ball for 6 Year Old

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With so many soccer ball sizes ranging from 1 to 5 and then adding futsal and indoor sizes, it can get confusing. The best part is that you have us in your corner to help you learn and understand the different sizes of soccer balls, especially for young footballers.

The best soccer ball for a 6 year old needs to be the right size. The right size however can be two different sizes, depending on the child and the target goal. Soccer ball manufacturers have you covered with all the different sizes. 

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Comparison Chart

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Daball Kid and Toddler Soccer Ball – Size 1 and Size 3, Pump and Gift Box Included (Size 1, Terry, The Fox)
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American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball (Lime, 2)
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adidas mens Tango Glider, White/Black, 3

Size 1 Soccer Ball

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A size one (1) soccer ball or a “mini” is just for play. So if your 6-year-old is looking for a ball to just have around the house or juggle, then a size 1 mini ball is ideal. The mini ball is lightweight, small, portable, and is just plain fun. 

Size 2 Soccer Ball

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The size two (2) soccer ball is a little bigger than the mini and can sometimes be confused as a mini ball. However, the size 2 soccer ball is still an ideal ball for a six-year-old because it functions just like a regular soccer ball. It will have a good bounce and be large enough to control and dribble around the house or the backyard.  

Size 3 Soccer Ball

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The size 3 soccer ball is the most widely used ball for a 6-year-old soccer player. One of the main reasons is that the official matches for 6-year-old soccer leagues use a size 3 soccer ball.  So the best answer as to what size soccer ball for a 6-year-old is technically a size 3 ball. The US Soccer Federation also recommends a size 3 soccer ball for a 6-year-old. 

However, the ideal size will depend on your goals as mentioned earlier in the post. If you are looking for a soccer ball to help your child train and improve dribbling, then a size 2 will actually help more. The reason is that the smaller ball will improve technical ability and coordination. 

But if you are looking for a ball so that your six-year-old can take to practice and possibly play in official games, then a size 3 ball is the best option.

If you are a coach and looking for a six-year-old match ball for soccer games, then you will need a size 3 game ball to make sure you are in compliance with league rules. This doesn’t mean that some leagues can’t use a size 2 ball, because some youth soccer leagues could make a “house rule” to play with smaller balls, so check with your league before buying. 

The gender won’t matter either. Both boys and girls use the same soccer ball for all ages. 

Where to buy a 6 year old soccer ball 

Size 3 soccer balls are probably some of the most common. You can find them at almost any big box store or online. They are smaller and usually come deflated to save on shipping. Amazon should have a large selection, make sure you get a Size 3 Ball. 


The best soccer ball size for a 6-year-old is a size 3 soccer ball. It is recommended by the US Soccer Federation and it’s the ball that the majority of youth soccer leagues will use as their official size match ball.