Best Toddler Soccer Cleats 2022

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Toddler soccer is fascinating. Sometimes you are not really sure what you are watching, but there are few things more satisfying than watching your young toddler out on the soccer field enjoying the game. 

The funny part is that every single player, including Maradona and Ronaldo, all started this same way. We can all dream with them as to what the future will bring. But for now, toddler soccer is all about swarming the ball like bees. You have to admit though, this soccer-loving toddlers are adorable!! 

Before you set out to the field, you gotta get your toddler his first pair of soccer cleats. Although every pair of toddler soccer cleats are the cutest things you’ve ever seen, it’s important to remember that choosing the right soccer shoe is still important. At this age, it’s not really about performance, but more about comfort and safety.

In this article, we will review some of the best toddler soccer cleats shoes of 2019. We will also cover some topics that may impact your decision to purchase the correct soccer shoe for your young youth soccer star. 

How to Choose the Right Pair of Toddler Soccer Cleats


The most important part of a toddler’s soccer cleat is comfortability. Let me tell you from experience, if your son or daughter is not comfortable in their soccer shoes, you won’t make it to the soccer field!! Toddlers like loose-fitting shoes. Although as adults we are used to wearing tight-fitting cleats to optimize performance, the young kids have no idea what that is and don’t really care. They just want to feel good. So make sure you buy a pair of soccer cleats that are loose-fitting. 

The second part of choosing the correct loose-fitting soccer cleat is that they will eventually grow into them anyway. Since the kids are growing rapidly, don’t put too much emphasis on buying perfect-fitting soccer shoes at this stage. Just make sure they are comfortable and you will make it to the field on time. 


Safety is also critical when buying the perfect toddler soccer cleat. When we refer to safety, we mean the type of shoe it is. If they will be outdoors, then they can wear some rubberized soles with rubber spikes. Make sure they are not metal…. although I don’t think they make them metal. But just rubber cleats are fine, don’t worry too much about performance at this stage. 

Also related to safety, make sure the soccer shoelaces stay tied. The shoelaces should be made of good material to stay when tied. Although we mentioned buying one or 1/2 size cleats bigger, make sure they are not too big as this could cause the toddlers to trip and fall.  


Style is the last factor in determining the type of soccer cleats for your toddler. The only reason we mention style in toddler soccer is that kids can be very picky sometimes. If they found a color or style they like, and they WANT to wear them, then definitely go with the cleats your child chooses. 

For toddlers to develop their soccer skills, they have to want to spend time on the field and want to play and practice. Anything you can do as a parent to encourage them is a plus! So if they want Yellow or Pink soccer cleats, then buy those so they get to the soccer field feeling like a million bucks! Just like us as adults, when we feel good, we play well! 

Little Boys Toddler Soccer Shoes  Size Chart 

USUKHeel to toe(inches)

Little Girls Toddler Soccer Shoes  Size Chart 

Age(in years)USHeel to toe(inches)
4 – 8 years10.56.5
4 – 8 years116.7
4 – 8 years11.56.9
4 – 8 years127
4 – 8 years12.57.2
4 – 8 years137.4
4 – 8 years13.57.5
4 – 8 years17.7
4 – 8 years1.57.9
4 – 8 years28
4 – 8 years2.58.2
4 – 8 years38.3
4 – 8 years3.58.5
4 – 8 years48.7
4 – 8 years4.58.9
4 – 8 years59

Comparison Chart

41+2tFY1JFL. SL100
adidas Unisex-Baby Goletto VI Firm Ground Football Shoe, Black/Shock Pink/White, 9.5K M US Toddler
41zkCR6cvTL. SL100
Nike Junior Legend 7 Elite FG Soccer Cleats (Dark Grey/Black-Opti Yellow) (5)
317vMJN159L. SL500
Joma Kids’ Toledo JR TF Turf Soccer Shoes (2 Little Kid, Neon Pink/Neon Yellow)
41ApoV32WnL. SL500
Diadora Kid’s Cattura MD JR Soccer Cleats (8 Toddler, Neon Pink/Neon Yellow/White)
adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz 19.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe
Vizari Youth/Jr Striker FG Soccer Cleats | Soccer Cleats Boys | Kids Soccer Cleats | Outoor Soccer Shoes | Black/Silver 8
416KuqZQMvL. SL500
PUMA RAPIDO 3 FG/AG Soccer Shoe, Black White-Castlerock, 1 US Unisex Little Kid
41nyFw7aJ4L. SL500
Nike Unisex Kid’s Junior Legend 8 Club Fg/Mg Soccer Shoe (Pink, Numeric_5_Point_5)
41cine5AOGL. SL100
Diadora Kids Cattura TF JR Turf Soccer Shoe (5 Big Kid, Red/Royal/White)

Adidas Toddler Soccer Cleats

Adidas is one of the leaders in the football market and provides cleats for young kids all the way through many professionals. Adidas will make expensive and affordable soccer cleats for toddlers. The price will have zero impact on their game or efforts, so just go back to the 3 main factors when choosing the right soccer cleats for toddlers. 

Toddler and Little Kids Adidas Goletto Vi Soccer Shoe

41+2tFY1JFL. SL500

We love these shoes because they are the classic Adidas soccer shoe and made just for Toddlers and little kids. You can’t go wrong with the 3 stripes. 

These soccer shoes are made for firm ground (so basically any dry grassy field. The spikes are made of rubber. The sole is very flexible which gives the toddler a better fit.​

Made of synthetic leather upper with a synthetic sole for a flexible and perfect fit on young children.  Synthetic leather also gives the shoes a ton of durability. 

For the soccer-loving toddler girls Adidas also offers the Black/Pink Soccer cleats. They give them the style they are searching for. 


  • Offer Several Styles
  • Inexpensive
  • Black/Pink for Girls
  • Synthetic Leather

Nike Junior Legend 7 Kid’s and Toddler’s Soccer Cleats

41zkCR6cvTL. SL500

The Nike Toddler Junior Legend 7 offers another great option for young kids. The cleats are offered in several different sizes to meet the growing demands of the young soccer players, including sizes for 1.5-year-olds, Toddlers, Little Kids, and even Big kids.

Multi-Ground Football Boot combines the cushioned touch of textured synthetic leather with an accommodating fit and durable plate.

The toddler cleats are made of synthetic leather. The accommodating shape provides a comfortable, versatile fit, which is crucial for this stage. The Tongue is anchored on the medial side for a consistent fit and comfortability. 

Can be used on grassy fields and on some turf fields according to the manufacturer.


  • A little more expensive. 
  • Offers several Sizes
  • Offers Several Styles

Toddler Boy Soccer Cleats

For boys, it’s easier to find soccer cleats. The little kid’s soccer cleats manufactured throughout the world are normally in white or black, which can be considered Boy or neutral colors. There are some variations in styles, but for the most part, the majority of cleats are black or white. 

It’s important to remember that at this toddler stage, it’s not really important what the color of the cleats are. Refer to the major factors above, which are Style, Comfort, and Safety. 

Toddler Girls Soccer Cleats

It might be a little more difficult to find “Girl” Soccer cleats for your toddler due to the fact that cleats are normally black in color. But don’t fear because many soccer companies make some pretty cool shoes that could be considered “girly” only because they are pink in color. 

Specific female soccer cleats are manufactured for adults only. Even soccer cleats that are pink are not necessarily considered “girls” shoes. They will perform the same as any other pair of toddler soccer cleats. 

Here are some examples of Toddler soccer cleats for girls to the right. Joma and Diadora both offer some very exciting styles of Pink Girls toddlers soccer cleats with many different sizes available. 

Joma Kids’

317vMJN159L. SL500

Diadora Kids’

41ApoV32WnL. SL500

Toddler Indoor Turf Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes for toddlers are another great way to keep the kids engaged. For those kids playing on turf or maybe futsal or indoor soccer, the correct shoe can make the difference. 

If the toddler is playing futsal, make sure you buy a flat sole indoor shoe like the one pictured to the right..

However, if your toddler is going to play indoor soccer on an artificial grass field, then you can choose between a turf soccer shoe or a flat surface indoor shoe. It shouldn’t make a difference at this age. The turf soccer shoes are made to have some grip on the indoor turf, but it’s not necessary at this age. The turf shoes can also be used to play outdoors on harder surfaces. 

However DO NOT use the turf shoe to play futsal as this may cause some problems, depending on the surface. 

Here are two good choices for Toddlers playing indoor soccer on turf or on a flat surface like Futsal

Adidas Futsal Indoor Soccer Toddler Shoes

These are some of the best made shoes for toddlers. They have a great design, awesome color, and excellent performance. The Adidas indoor soccer shoes for toddlers are an excellent purchase. It’s just too bad they can’t wear them forever! But I have to admit that Adidas hit one out of the park with the Kids’ Nemeziz indoor shoe for toddlers. 

Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe

These kids’ soccer shoes from Vizari are perfect for any soccer occasion, whether your little one is just practicing in your backyard, playing a fun match against friends, or during their big school matches. There’s nothing more important in soccer than having a fantastic pair of shoes to support your feet, no matter how old or young you are.

Vizari’s striker-style cleats are constructed using durable synthetic materials that are highly resistant to wear and tear, as well as water. They feature easily-adjustable laces that allow your kids to tie them with ease.

The rubber outsoles are flexible and feature a two-tone design and rugged studs to aid with traction on both outdoor fields and AstroTurf. These shoes come in various colors that match every style and personal taste, ensuring that your kids will love them.


  • 100% synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Durable synthetic construction
  • Rugged outsole
  • Highly comfortable design

PUMA Unisex-Child Rapido

416KuqZQMvL. SL500

Puma is well known for its premium-quality sporting gear and equipment, so it should come as no surprise that they make some of the best children’s soccer shoes on the market. Their Rapido 3 soccer shoes are a fantastic option for any little soccer enthusiast and provide a myriad of benefits.

They have a rubber sole that makes them wonderfully comfortable on the feet, so you won’t have to worry about your child straining their feet or becoming uncomfortable during their matches. The lightweight and durable synthetic upper material combines comfort and longevity for an excellent wearing experience.

What’s more, the Puma Rapido 3 shoes feature a lightweight TPU outsole with conical studs, which makes them great for use on firm natural surfaces and artificial grass, ensuring that your child will not slip or skid when playing.


  • Rubber sole
  • Imported
  • Range of color options
  • Lightweight TPU outsole
  • Durable upper material

Nike Unisex Kid’s Junior Legend 8 Club Soccer Shoe

416KuqZQMvL. SL500

Nike is a legend in the world of sports, and their shoes can be found on the feet of some of the world’s greatest soccer players. So, it goes without saying that even their children’s soccer shoes are some of the best on the market right now and are great for any type of player.

While certainly not the most affordable kicks on the market, the Nike Unisex junior soccer shoes feature a faux leather sole that makes the shoe incredibly comfortable to wear. Soft synthetic leather wraps around the foot to provide comfortable support that helps prevent foot strain and fatigue.

There is also a micro-texture from heel to toe that provides the touch players need to be creative and in control as they move across the field.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Faux leather sole
  • Many color options
  • Suitable for artificial grass & short grass
  • Microtexture

Diadora Kid’s Cattura TF Jr Turf Soccer Shoes

41cine5AOGL. SL500

If you are looking for a highly budget-friendly solution to children’s soccer shoes, then look no further than these kids’ soccer shoes from Diadora. They are made from 100% synthetic materials and feature a rubber sole that makes the shoe more comfortable to wear and provides more grip when on the field.

They look excellent on both boys and girls and come in a wide range of color options to suit every kind of personal taste and style. The upper is made using soft polyurethane with a brushed, padded nylon ankle collar lining.

What’s more, the insole is made from shock-absorbing EVA foam, while the outsole features durable abrasion resistance and a multi-studded rubber turf to ensure your child will not slip no matter what surface they play on.


  • Rubber sole
  • Great appearance
  • Many color options
  • Highly comfortable
  • Versatile & durable for all surface types

Where to buy Toddler Soccer Cleats

As with almost everything now, you can easily purchase soccer cleats online. The best places to buy them is probably Amazon since they have a million different pairs and styles!! You can also shop your local super market or online sports store, like or one of the other thousand websites. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to put too much effort into this since the kids will quickly outgrow the shoes. In our experience, you should be prepared to buy a new pair at least once a year and sometimes two pairs in one year. The little kids grow quick. But it’s fun!


The toddler soccer years are some of the most memorable for many reasons. The soccer shoes will only be a memory. It is for this reason that you want to make sure you choose the correct fitting soccer cleats for your toddler.

There are two goals you should look to achieve when buying soccer cleats for your toddler. Make sure that you buy comfortable soccer cleats so your child enjoys the game and keeps returning. You should also buy shoes that your child likes because you want them to love the game. Buying a pair of cleats is just one more opportunity to get your toddler engaged in the soccer development process. Good luck and enjoy!