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Cristiano Ronaldo is highly regarded as one of the best players in the world. There are many who feel he is the greatest of all time. Ronaldo has a special skill and talent which is unmatched by any other player in history.​

Standing at 6′ 2″ and weighing about 185 lbs. Ronaldo is an absolute beast on the soccer field. He is a rare specimen of talent, speed, strength, and size. He can out muscle smaller opponents and runs by the bigger slower ones. Ronaldo also takes great care of his body and has enjoyed a long career even as he gets older. But his size and speed are not what makes him great, because there are many that are bigger or faster or even stronger.​

Ronaldo combines all his God given gifts and added his special skills which he developed over time and started as youth player. He can dribble around almost any defender and his dribbling is idolized by many young players. Ronaldo has incredible free kicks. His shot is quick and powerful. He gets up in the air and heads the ball better than most forwards.

And to finish it off, he’s an excellent teammate and team player. It’s no wonder that his teams have always competed for championships and trophies. Even the most skeptical critic cannot deny Ronaldo’s talent. There has never been a player like him in the history of soccer that combines all the skills that he posseses.

To celebrate his talent on the soccer field, Nike has sponsored several soccer balls for Ronaldo. Here is a list of Ronaldo soccer balls and where you can purchase.

Comparison Chart

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Soccer Ball Size 5 for Soccer Training Ronaldo Portugal
51HdjygOmlL. SL500
Nike CR7 Strike Rubber, Polyurethane, Polyester, EVA Football
51 R6DDNE6L. SL500
Soccer Ball or Trainer Size 5 for Soccer Training Ronaldo Portugal Leo Messi Barcelona Neymar Brazil Italy (Size 5, USA #8)
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iSport Gifts #7 Ronaldo # 10 Messi Kids Soccer Ball Size5 for Kids Adult Youth Durable Soft Construction (Hazard #10)

​Ronaldo Portugal Soccer Ball FIFA Size 5 

41oRGNJOtwL. SL500

This is another great product from the Forever Fanatics brand with nice graphics and a full picture of Ronaldo on the ball. It comes in the colors of the Portugal team, making it a perfect gift for fans of that great team.

The many panels in the construction of this soccer ball will give it great aerodynamic properties for increased ball control. It will also provide a lot of curve in the air for better strategic shots at the goal and more accuracy overall.

A strong bladder included with the ball will help it to retain its shape even after many hours of gameplay, making it a good long-term investment. The soft touch of the ball allows for controlled dribbling and more accurate passing options.

With a nice money-back guarantee to support their product, you will have peace of mind when buying this ball. The ball comes deflated, so you will need to get it inflated before you will be able to use it on the field.

  • Features a full picture of Ronaldo
  • Strong bladder included inside the ball
  • A nice gift for a soccer fan
  • It will retain its shape for longer
  • The ball comes deflated so you need time to inflate it
  • Some air tube quality problems

Nike CR7 Strike Soccer Ball

51HdjygOmlL. SL500

The Strike soccer ball is made from different materials to make it more durable for play in harsh conditions and rough surfaces. The design of this ball makes it perfect to be used on rough and natural surfaces for a better gameplay experience.

Players can’t help but be very enthusiastic when taking this soccer ball on the field for practice sessions and for play. The great feel of the ball makes it much easier to move around on the field, and it also allows for a lot of responsiveness.

This feature makes it easy to use for quick shots at the goal and easy passes on the field, meaning overall better ball control. To make it easier to place the ball, it comes with great accuracy. All these factors combined improve the overall gameplay and enhance the game experience.

The overall design of the ball makes it easy for different game configurations to be used for defensive and offensive play. However, you may be a bit disappointed that it comes in only one color.

  • Great for use on natural surfaces
  • Strong and durable design to last longer
  • Players have easy ball control on the field
  • It is accurate for easy ball placement
  • Only one color option is available
  • It may lose air over time

Soccer Training Ronaldo Portugal Soccer Ball

51 R6DDNE6L. SL500

With nice colors and a photo of Ronaldo on the ball, this will be an inspiration for soccer fans young and old. This is a great gift for a developing soccer player as it has a photo of their hero on the ball and comes in the right colors.

Fewer panes used in the construction ensure durability to the ball, making it last for many hours and many years of gameplay. The stitches are done with a machine to prevent them from coming loose and this adds to the overall durability of the soccer ball.

With a nice feel and great responsiveness, this ball is great for attacking from many different positions on the field. It will also help to provide a better defense with the overall responsiveness of the ball while shooting it around on the field.

This soccer ball from Forever Fanatics might be a bit heavy for younger players out there, which may tire them out quickly. It also is not available in other sizes; that means no lighter balls for weaker players.

  • Great graphics on the ball
  • Strong feel and responsiveness
  • Can be used for different game configurations
  • Strong construction of the ball
  • This soccer ball is a bit heavy
  • Only one size is available

iSport Gifts Ronaldo Soccer Ball

51Hu3eQY+KL. SL500

The iSport Gifts Ronaldo Soccer Ball comes in size 5 for younger players. It features superior technology and a unique design engineered for world-class quality and amazing performance.

  • Nice graphics with image of Ronaldo on the ball
  • Size 5 Soccer Ball!!!


The best Ronaldo soccer ball on the market today has to be the Ronaldo Portugal Soccer Ball. This ball offers the best quality if you are looking to do mostly playing with the ball. But if you are looking more for a ball that will offer a great visual gift for the Ronaldo fan, then you should go with the ​Soccer Training Ronaldo Portugal Soccer Ball. This one offers some unique images and it’s all about Ronaldo! You can learn more about Ronaldo’s early life and what he did to become one of the greatest goal scorers of all time by reading the Becoming Cristiano Ronaldo article.

If you are looking to Train and become one of the best players of all time just like Ronaldo, then maybe you should think about getting this one. The elastic cord allows your son or daughter to train alone without assistance for hours and hours at a time.

Don’t spend too much time looking for ball or running to retrieve it, just focus on training.

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