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Best Soccer Socks EVER!!…. TruSox

For some, soccer socks appear to be just another piece of the uniform. Parents and coaches will just throw a pair of socks at you that match the uniform. The majority of people focus more on soccer jerseys and soccer shorts since they are the most fashionable pieces. Player Jerseys and Shorts are extremely popular with soccer fans. You can also wear your soccer jersey and/or shorts out in public places without a second thought. However, the soccer socks are a different story. Many feel that the socks are just to cover the shin guards and that’s their only purpose. So many novice players go their whole life without ever experiencing the feel of a premium soccer sock.

The truth is that the best soccer socks are more than just another piece of the uniform. Today technology and engineering have improved tremendously. While dri-fit uniforms get all the attention, there are some really cool advances in socks too! For young players, the performance of the socks won’t matter as much, but as the player grows in physical size and ability, the importance of the soccer socks also increases. To elite and professional players, the socks represent a very important piece of the uniform. The best soccer socks for professional players must meet extremely high standards. They must be lightweight. They must be tight, so they don’t roll down. The socks must be thick enough to cover the leg and stretch enough to keep their consistency.

The best soccer socks in the world that meet the standards of professional soccer players are the one and only TRUSOX. These were developed by a former semi-professional soccer player that felt that his feet moved too much inside the soccer cleats. He set out to engineer a TRUSOX that would grip the bottom of the cleats and eliminate slipping inside the cleats. This slipping and moving can sometimes cause blisters and not to mention reduce performance on the soccer field. He took the patent and developed the best soccer sock available today.

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It’s difficult to explain the look and feel of a sock that fits perfectly, all the way to the knees, is super soft, and never comes down. No tape is needed to keep them up. They are so light that it feels like you are barefoot. It’s basically heaven for an elite soccer player.

The price of the TRUSOX, is high, but pro players pay a premium to ensure their socks are of the highest quality. You will see many players wearing these socks during professional games. There are many imitators, but this is the original premium sock for soccer players. Sometimes the socks that belong to a uniform are not TRUSOX, so what does the pro player do? They wear a shorter TRUSOX sock in their cleat, then they cut their own “uniform socks” so that only the top portion of the uniform sock shoes. See the photo below. Pro soccer players are so in love with the TRUSOX that they go the extra step to tape their “uniform sock” to the TRUSOX. They do this because they could get fined by their team and league for wearing different socks. They have to wear the sponsor’s uniform socks, but we see what they’ve been up to. 

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You can see above how the players use a TruSox under their uniform sock. This is Real Madrid players during a game. Just so you know, the players wear the shorter TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer under their longer uniform socks. You can get those as well on Amazon. 

So What makes the TruSox so special? Here are the biggest benefits of TruSox:

  • MAKE CHANGES IN DIRECTIONS FASTER – since the grip is so clean, you gain traction quicker and explode faster. 
  • PREVENT BLISTERS – No slipping means no more blisters. 
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE – Nice thick cloth that stretches gives great comfort. 
  • Materials: 60 Nylon, 39 Cotton, 1 Spandex.

Comparison Chart

Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks, Varsity Red/White, Large
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Under Armour Adult Global Performance Over The Calf Socks, 1-pair, Black, Shoe Size: Mens 4-8, Womens 6-9
21UeLa53psL. SL100
Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks, Small, White
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Puma Men’s V Elite Socks, Team Burgundy/White, 7-12
Umbro Club Soccer Socks, Orange, Adult Large (UUM164507U)
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Multi-Sport Socks, Hot Pink, Large

So now lets take a look at some of these quality soccer socks made today.

Top Soccer Performance Socks

Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks

The Dri-Fit fabric that is used with these soccer socks from Nike will help to remove the sweat from your feet while wearing them. This means the sweat-wicking capability of the material will keep your feet from getting too wet during the time you play.

For ultimate comfort, the lightweight materials used in the construction of the socks increase overall comfort while you are on the field. The spandex material allows a lot of stretching to keep your feet and lower leg comfortably, keeping you cooler longer.

The overall durable design of these socks from Nike makes them strong to last for a long time of wear and tear. They also include a reinforced heel and toe for extra durability in the areas where socks normally wear down easily.

For increased stability, they come with a comfortable fit option that will help to keep you comfortable while playing and practicing. They also come up to the knees for a more ergonomic and convenient fitting option.

  • Available in many different colors
  • You can get them in three sizes
  • Well designed to improve overall comfort
  • They will keep your feet dry
  • Not ideal for those with larger feet
  • Only one pair included in the package

Under Armour Global Performance Over the Calf Socks

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Under Armour didn’t try very hard as they are not too deep into the Soccer market. But they did come out with their UA Global Performance Over The Calf Soccer Sock. It’s a good attempt at making a premium soccer sock. They have some good Compression and the Armourblock Technology helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the sock, that’s always nice for kids. Overall these are great performance soccer socks. 

  • Strategic Cushion reduces bulk, delivers flexibility & breathability
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe maximizes durability
  • Precision Y-heel pocket improves fit & enhances comfort

Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks

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Diadora never made much of an attempt to replicate the technology of TruSox, but it does have the Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks. These are unique because they have a wider calf and to fit the shin guards. These socks also compete with the likes of Nike, Adidas, and UA for comfort and quality, but they don’t offer as much grip inside the shoe. 

  • 60% Polyester, 30% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Polyester and nylon for durability and color fast
  • Arch and ankle Cradles

Puma Men’s V Elite Socks

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These soccer socks from Puma are made from lightweight materials for a very comfortable fit while wearing them on the field. This means that they will help to keep your feet from getting tired easily so that you can keep on playing for longer.

With up to five different sizes to choose from, there’s a pair of socks for every soccer player out there. This means that everyone can use these socks to try them out on the field and experience comfort and other great features.

To make it even more accessible to every soccer player out there, these socks come with an affordable price tag attached to them. The strong and durable design of these socks suggests a higher price tag, which means they are a great investment for every soccer player.

With decent support for the feet, these socks provide comfort for your feet the whole time you wear them. However, you can only get these soccer socks in three colors.

  • Comes with an affordable price tag attached
  • Many sizes available for different feet sizes
  • Strong and durable soccer socks
  • Only three colors to choose from
  • They might fit a bit tight over the calves

Umbro Adult Club Soccer Socks

You will not have to worry about your socks sliding down while running around the field if you switch to these soccer socks from Ambro. This product comes with a nice tight-fit option to improve the overall comfort, so you can keep your focus on the game all the time.

The durable materials these socks are made off will help them last for many games of soccer playing and practice sessions. They fit quite high up to just under the knee, so you will feel much more comfortable while wearing these socks.

You also have many colors to choose from in this lineup for those who need different colors with other outfits as well. They come with an easy fit option and the sizes of these socks are true, so you will have no problem finding your correct fit.

However, there is quite a high price tag attached to these socks, which will put them out of reach of many soccer players out there. You also only get one pair of socks included in the package.

  • Full length for better support
  • Durable materials used
  • Tight fit to improve overall comfort
  • Will stay up while playing the game
  • They are a bit pricey
  • You only get one pair of socks

CHAMPRO Multi-Sport Athletic Compression Socks

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The 100% polyester materials used to make these socks make them lightweight but strong, ensuring they will last for a long time. This also means that you can easily wash them in a machine to keep them clean for whenever you need to use them.

With many different colors to choose from, there is a color for every person and a mood for those who love to alternate. You can even own more than one of these pairs of socks for versatility and to fit with different outfits.

The price of these socks from Campro makes it easy to own more than one pair for the fashionable athletes out there. The versatility of these socks makes it easy to be used for different types of sports for keen athletes.

A tube-style design makes them comfortable to wear for a long time while you are on and off the field. The compression fit option will also provide support and comfort.

  • Can be used for different types of sports
  • There are a lot of colors to choose from
  • Easy to clean and keep clean
  • Many sizes available for most feet sizes
  • The socks might slide down while wearing them
  • Not meant for those with larger calves


Not far behind are the giants of professional sports apparel, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and then numerous others, like Diadora. These three giants continue to make soccer socks that rival the look and feel of the TRUSOX. While their designs and technology are catching up, nothing compares to the quality of TRUSOX. However, this is not a diss at any of these companies, because their socks are also very good. I have worn the Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour premium socks and they feel very good. The fact is that these companies can and do make quality soccer socks and should definitely be part of the conversation of the best soccer socks in the world.

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