2022 Best Youth Soccer Balls

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The steps that you will have to follow in order to purchase the best soccer ball available in the market can be quite overwhelming. I don’t know the reason why it’s so complicated, but that’s ok because we can help you. The main reason it gets complicated is because you will need to pay attention towards a variety of factors in order to figure out the best soccer ball. To make the life easy for you, we have done a research to figure out what the best soccer balls of 2019 are. Here is a list of our findings. You can go through this list and identify what the best soccer balls that you will be able to purchase in 2019.

Comparison Chart

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KixFriction Soccer Ball by 1GKUSA – Revolutionary Patented Design, Top Soccer Training Ball and Awesome for Street Soccer (Neon Green, 4)
Baden Thermo Soccer Ball, Multicolor, Size 5
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Brine Voracity Soccer Ball, Black, Size 5
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adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball, White/Orange, Size 5
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Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball Sz 5 (EA)

1. KixSports KixFriction

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KixSports KixFriction is a solid, a little different,  soccer ball, which has received a lot of attention in 2019. For some people, this may sound as an odd looking soccer ball, well it is….. That’s because it looks different from the traditional soccer balls that you can find out there in the market. The manufacturer wanted to do the same as well. They were successful with that and the results can clearly be seen from the demand available for these soccer balls. Check out the anatomy of the KixFriction ball below. If you are looking for a soccer ball in 2019 that will give you the edge, you may have found  it!

KixSports KixFriction

Best Soccer Ball for 2018

  • DURABILITY: Take these soccer balls to the Street. Use this ball with confidence on any hard surface including concrete, asphalt, and gravel. Of course its great on Grass too!
  • OFFICIAL SIZE AND WEIGHT: the Friction soccer ball by 1GK USA is a must add to any player, coach or clubs soccer equipment collection and is a go to for many top level and youth boys and girls and their coaches when they train.
  • IMPROVE YOUR BALL STRIKING AND POWER: Goalkeepers and Goal scorers love the Friction ball to as they work to strike the ball with accuracy and power.

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The KixSports KixFriction soccer ball is a hand stitched product. It has a scratch resistant PU cover as well. In addition, a latex bladder has been provided to deliver the best possible performance to the users. As mentioned earlier, the exterior appearance of this soccer ball is quite unusual. But still, you will be able to use the ball in many different surfaces. You will not come across any difficulties when you are using it on the grass surfaces.

2. Baden Thermo

If you are planning to purchase a soccer ball that comes along with an excellent design, Baden Thermo is a perfect option available to consider in 2019. Many customers have appreciated the unique design offered by the Baden Thermo soccer balls. As the name suggests, Baden Thermo can be considered as a thermally bonded product. Therefore, you will be able to use it for a longer period of time, while retaining the good looks.

The Baden Thermo soccer ball is a water resistant product as well. When you compare that feature along with the price tag of Baden Thermo, you will be impressed with what you can get. This soccer ball also comes along with a rubber bladder, which delivers enhanced air retention to you in the long run.

Baden Thermo Soccer Ball

  • BRAND NEW – Soccer ball that has been thermally-bonded which ensures superior durability
  • CREATED – with a high quality textured surface for a truer flight and better control
  • REINFORCED – rubber bladder which provides maximum air retention and durability
  • SEAMLESS-design prevents water absorption which eliminates those heavy waterlogged balls
  • NFHS – approved – 2-year guarantee
  • For optimal performance, additional inflation may be required. Ball pump not included.

3. Brine Voracity

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The Brine Voracity can also be considered as a great option available for a person who is planning to buy the best soccer ball money can buy. It is a hand stitched product and comes along with a Polyurethane cover. Therefore, you will be provided with an enhanced experience while you are spending your time on the field.  Brine is known for manufacturing excellent soccer balls and this one is no different.

One of the most unique features that you can find in the Brine Voracity soccer ball in 2019, is that it has a BEAR bladder system. This system has the ability to hold air for 10 times longer when compared to ordinary latex. You will be able to purchase this soccer ball in many different colors as well. This soccer ball has become popular among the beginners to be used as a training soccer ball. You will be able to get it at an affordable price tag as well. Take a look at the prices on Amazon here below.

Brine Voracity Soccer Ball

  • Maintaining a great feel on the ball is crucial as attackers move down the pitch to get into position to Score
  • When players dribble, pass and shoot the Brine voracity size 5 soccer ball, the soft, Hand-stitched PU cover helps them maintain Control

4. Adidas MLS TOP Glider Ball 2019

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If you are a fan of Major Soccer League Soccer, then the Adidas MLS Glider is the best soccer ball available for your purchase in 2019. You will be able to get your hands on this soccer ball in many different colors and variations as well so you know your child will love it!

The Adidas MLS Glider has been provided with a strong construction. The internal nylon construction of the soccer ball provides enhanced durability for the users at the end of the day. On the other hand, it can also offer a strong level of resistance to the players in many different field types. This is a machine stitched soccer ball. However, it comes along with Butyl Bladder, which can deliver maximum air retention to the users at the end of the air.


  • Part of the MLS Soccer collection, the design is inspired by the three MLS pillars of club, country, and community
  • Machine stitched construction and internal nylon wound carcass for maximum durability and long-lasting performance
  • Special TPU exterior material is designed to resist abrasion and last longer
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention to keep the ball’s shape and stay inflated longer
  • Size 3 ball suggested for ages 8 and under; size 4 ball suggested for ages 8-12; size 5 ball (official size) suggested for ages 12+; check with your local league for size requirements

5. Select Numero 10

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Select as always and just like Brine, have outdone themselves. Although Select and Brine are not huge brands, they do offer some beautiful soccer balls. The Select Numero 10 is one of the most popular soccer balls available for your purchase in 2019 and basically any year. Therefore, you can think about spending your money to purchase it as well. This soccer ball comes from one of the most reputablel manufacturers in youth soccer balls, SELECT. In case you didn’t know, Select also provides the Bundesliga Official Match ball! The Derbystar brand is part of the Select brand. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about the quality offered to you in the long run, because Select knows how to deliver.

The Select Numero 10 soccer ball is ideal for both indoor use as well as outdoor use. It has been provided with a long lasting Polyurethane cover. As a result, you will be able to end up with a fascinating experience while using this soccer ball. You will also be able to purchase the soccer ball in many different colors as well as designs.

Select Numero 10 Ball

  • HIGHEST QUALITY: A legendary match and training ball used around the world for decades for training and matches
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: PU material laminated with neoprene foam to increase softness with SELECT’s premium zero-wing latex bladder for optimal bounce
  • HAND-STITCHED CRAFTMANSHIP: 32 panel hand-stitched construction combined with golf structured PU-surface ensures optimal aerodynamics
  • NFHS/NCAA and IMS APPROVED: Meets or exceeds all requirements for NFHS(National Federation of High Schools) and NCAA play. IMS(International Match Standard) approval as well.
  • The SELECT Numero 10 is a high quality soccer ball for all playing conditions. The Numero 10 has been around seemingly forever due to the touch, the perfect flight, and the strength of the material. Perfect for any budget and almost impossible to wear out, the Numero 10 is extremely popular and suitable for all playing conditions. Meets NFHS and NCAA regulations and has a 2-Year Warranty.


In conclusion we have listed 5 great soccer balls for youth soccer players in 2019. Each one of these balls is a perfect match for your young soccer pla​yer. There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration, luckily for you we have listed them here to help you make a better decision when purchasing that new soccer ball in 2019 and beyond. We don’t mean to be biased, but if we had to choose the best ball for your money, we would choose #5, the Select Numero 10 soccer ball. The ball is just pure quality and lasts the longest and keeps it’s shape the longest. Overall it’s an excellent soccer ball for 2019 for almost any youth soccer player. The best part about this ball is that it can also be used as a game ball for when your coach forgets to bring the game ball! Good luck!

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