2020 Glow in Dark soccer ball

Light Up LED Soccer Balls

Soccer is played throughout the world day or night. It's simply a matter of options, weather you can play on a professional soccer field or simply kick around your local facilities like the streets, parks or home backyard.

Everywhere you go all over the world you will discover soccer and now with LED Light Up Soccer Balls, you may play football at any time too! The unique part about these balls is that you can use the lighted soccer balls in the day just like regular soccer balls and then turn the LED light on at night to make an extraordinarily fun and amusing soccer game.

LED soccer balls size 5 use a durable semi-transparent rubber that lets the LED light to glow bright. In 2020 the advances in technology now allow the LED light to glow much brighter than previous older glow ball models. And you don't need to "charge" the LED Light Up Soccerball before playing a match or a game - just turn it on and start playing your game! Plus these night match soccer balls have long-lasting replaceable batteries so you don't need to fear about your night time game.  

The majority of Light Up Soccerballs are now Push Button Activated - no longer need a kick to activate it, so there is no longer the fear of more time wasted turning your ball back on! Just flip the ball on and it remains on until you have finished your game – what a concept! Use the following lighted soccer balls at your match and take a look at out how plenty fun playing at night can and will be!

 GlowCity glow in the dark soccer ball 

  • The GlowCity Blazing Smart LED Light Up Soccer Ball is a size 5: The GlowCity LED Soccer Ball can be seen a few hundred yards away so anyone on the pitch can see it, yes even the goalie! 
  • IMPACT ACTIVATED: Our Soccer Ball has a quality like no other. Unlike waiting for a glow in the dark soccer ball to charge under light our smart LED bulbs are instant!
  • SUPER BRIGHT: At night two Hi Bright LED's will fully illuminate the soccer ball into a magnificent Glow. Both intensely bright LED's are designed to fit inside the soccer ball.
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Nylon wound, very strong soccer ball. Batteries are included as well as very easily replaceable. In addition we are now including a second set of batteries with our blazing soccer ball! Our rubber grommets protect the LEDs to make the soccer ball fully water resistant.
  • FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: GlowCity strives to provide the best customer service to our customers. We provide a 60-day hassle free repair/replace guarantee on all our products.

Includes Preinstalled Hi Bright LED's

When you receive your Blazing Red Soccer Ball the lights and batteries will already be installed in the ball. All you will need to do is fill the ball with air and you are ready to go.

We are also now including replacement batteries with the LED Blazing Red Soccer Ball!

Wait Till Night Falls:

Playing a Soccer game at night will never be the same, this Light Up Blazing Red Soccer Ball will be the talk of the neighborhood and everyone will want one. Be the first to have the GlowCity LED Blazing Red Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Inflated Soccer Ball - LED Soccer Ball

Do kicks with your tricks! This ball is Perfect for a night match, the Inflated Soccer ball illuminates brightly with each kick and pass.

The Tangle NightBall Inflated Soccer has a 9” diameter for size 5. Batteries included and replaceable (6 LR44 button cell).

For ages 8 and up. It comes in green, yellow, blue and white colors. 

NightMatch Light Up Ball   

This light up soccer ball can be used for so many events and is something the whole family can enjoy! The official size of these night match balls is a soccer ball size 5. Two LED lights used to light up these glow balls. The soccer balls will stay glowing until you are done playing. The LED lights are battery operated.

This glow in the dark soccer ball is great quality and will last for a long time. The coolest things about these light up balls are that they have Smart LED lights.  This soccer ball is a great addition to your sports equipment and can keep the fun going all night long!

NightBall LED Soccer ball

A little less quality with this ball. The true bounce is off, but for night time fun, this ball will help you get the soccer game going and provide hours and hours of fun. 

You can also use this ball to keep your child engaged with soccer before bedtime in their bedroom, or during the evening hours if you live in unsafe neighborhoods or the child is too young to be out in the dark. 


Glow in the dark soccer balls are an amazing toy that even non soccer enthusiasts will love. It's a great product to add a little sauce to your evening activities and keep kids active. We are not promoting this as a development product, but it is a great ball to keep kids interested and playing with the soccer ball. 

We recommend the GlowCity Led Soccer ball, it's just simply head and shoulders above the the competition for several reasons mentioned above. 

One final recommendation is to use it for development inside the child's bedroom at night time. They can have fun while developing their skills before bedtime. If you are struggling to get your child to play with their ball, the glow in the dark soccer ball may be your best option. Cheers! 

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