How to Train Soccer during COVID-19 Quarantine

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Coronavirus or COVID-19 has caused some major havoc in our lives. We won’t discuss the issues here as many of you face your own specific problems, but there’s no doubt this has changed the way we live. 

What we do want to discuss is how you can continue training soccer at home and continue getting better.  As we discussed in our previous article on how to improve dribbling,  your soccer skills CAN improve while at home. Please read the article after reading this short one. 

Play Barefoot

A few things to keep in mind. Make sure you go barefoot. Doesn’t matter the age, go ahead and take your shoes off inside the residence. The reason to do this is to discourage the kids from kicking the ball hard while inside the house. The second reason is that you get a better feel of the ball with your bare feet. 


The goal is to improve your dribbling and ball control. Work on all sides of your feet and both feet. Pull, push, and drag the ball with the inside, outside, and sole of your feet. Control the soccer ball inside the house and don’t let the ball touch any walls, chairs, or couches. Work on cutting away from walls, chairs, etc. 

Playing outside

If you can play outside, go out and do your regular soccer training, play games with your siblings, work on free kicks, and shooting. You don’t need any special equipment to do this.  However if you do want to get a small piece of equipment, see if you can buy a Ball on a String, especially if you don’t have siblings and you are training alone or you have a small yard. 

Make sure you review the other dribbling article we mentioned above. Please don’t use this pandemic as an excuse not to train. Instead this is the time to catch up for all that time lost not on the ball, instead of traveling, you spend your time dribbling your soccer ball. 

Good luck and best of all, stay safe!