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Soccer games are what everyone looks forward to, but it's actually at practice that teams and players improve. To make sure that your team is improving, you need to have the right training soccer ball. Below are a few things to look into when purchasing your team training soccer balls. 

How Many Training Balls to Buy?

Our teams normally have about 10-12 soccer balls for High school teams, but you can get away with 6-8 good balls. You want a good amount of balls so that you can do individual training as well during practice. With 10-12 balls, you can allow players to team up and have one ball per couple. This allows you to maximize the time players spend on developing individual skills. 

What Type of Training Ball to Buy?

Training soccer balls are constructed to be very long lasting, durable, and may be used on special fields. These football training balls are better for practice and to learn with. Training soccer balls can be used to continue enhancing numerous motor skills. The size 5 soccer ball is widely recognized in shape and size for teens and for grownup soccer. For official sizes and regulations visit our article on soccer ball sizing. FIFA regulated size 5 ball weighs between 14-16 oz and must have a circumference of among 27-28 inches (70-68cm).

Different Brands offers worthwhile training soccer balls So let’s dive in to have a view.

Brine Soccer Training Ball

My favorite soccer training ball and game ball for that matter is the Brine soccer balls. As mentioned in the Brine Soccer Ball Phantom article, we normally buy 8-10 balls every year as "match balls". We will then take those balls we used in the previous year for game balls, and use them as team training balls. 

This allows us to get a few years out of them. This also gives us the opportunity to use premium Brine soccer balls as practice balls. Although they are a year old already, they were used sporadically during games. This happens because we use 8 soccer balls during the game, so even though we may play up to 20 games, the balls are not used every minute. 

Adidas MLS Top Glider:

Adidas gliders are superb professional soccer balls. This MLS Glider model manufactured for, practice, training reason and leisure playing. The blend of TPU, system-stitched construction and nylon-wound carcass offers soft feeling, water resistance, and sturdiness.

The MLS Top Glider has a swish outer shell much like that of a professional soccer ball, that's manufactured from long-lasting polyester. It's available in numerous sizes like sizes 3 and 4 in addition to size 5, 5 being authentic and official size while 3 and 4 making it an incredible alternative for kids underneath the age of 12. The ball isn't always too heavy or not too light. It has diverse shads like gold, red, purple, orange and yellow.


  • · Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover.
  • · Beautiful looking soccer ball.
  • · Machine stitched panels.
  • · Reasonable price.
  • · Most air retention with a butyl rubber bladder.


    • · Do not play with it on the beach or concrete.
    • · It is not a street soccer ball.

Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball:

Mikasa soccer ball is one of the brilliant ones in case you are looking for training balls. It is far low-cost. This ball gives enough softness to the chest, head, and foot because of its stitching panels and clean cushioned composite cover. The gentle touch way a reasonably actual right motion at the same time as working on shots or crosses. Younger gamers get much less manage with hand-stitched football balls.

However, for the grown-ups, hand sewing ball is not a trouble to tackle. The price is not excessive and now not low each. Pretty first-rate to be a first-rate training ball. Control capabilities off the knee or chest sense near to real.


· Available in various sizes 3, 4, and 5.

· Lightweight.

· Long-lasting stitching.

· Maximum air retention way to the 2-ply butyl bladder.

· Composite cover followed by using the tender cushion to deliver softness.


· It is extremely bulky.

Nike 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball:

Want a GREAT training soccer ball without the hefty rate tag?

Overall, this ball is an outstanding mid-price range option. It’s very long lasting and is particularly properly at maintaining its form over the years. Passing and ability actions feel extremely good (the bumps come up with the grip important to elastic in any climate), and it’s no longer too mild. The Strike is also pretty clear to see in snow, especially inside the yellow/pink colorway. However, it's for a bit greater high priced than comparable Adidas replicas.


· Comes with surface dimples.

· Very aerodynamic 12-panel design.

· Great sturdiness.


· Slightly highly-priced.

In Conclusion:

Selecting the right ball for your child is not alwasy easy. There are numerous factors that impact which size may be best for your child. But this list offers a few good selections that will allow your child to show up to practice with a good ball and without worrying about using a ball that you can't practice with.  

As a coach, it can be frustrating to have kids using soccer balls that don't offer the right touch and feel so that kids can improve their game. Help your child improve by selecting the correct size 5 soccer ball that will enable them to perform well on the fied. 

We would recommend the Brine soccer ball. We have used it for years in HS games and practice and has proven to offer quality and durability. However it is rather more expensive than the other training balls. 

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