Top 10 Pro Soccer Balls

Top Ten Pro Soccer Balls

The game, Soccer has entirely changed over the past years so the ball has also changed over the years. In the early days, teams emphasized defensive playing strategy with 6 men in the back. In the mid 90s, the strategies have been changed when most of the teams started to play with four forwards at a time. So, at that time we would able to see one natural forward. As a result of these changes in the game, the ball also got change often according to the strategies of the teams.

Selecting a good soccer ball is not an easy task. First, you must select a good brand secondly you must be aware of the use of ball because you have to choose it according to the strategies and game plan. Different brands provide high-quality products and from the thousands of brands, it is very difficult to choose top Soccer balls. But here we will try to list up TOP 10 Cool Soccer balls of this edge.

1: Adidas Performance Euro 16 Official Match Soccer Ball:

· Official Soccer ball, part of European championship 2016.

· High-end materials in the cover, backing, and bladder for perfect on-field performance.

· Highest FIFA rating: ball passed tests on weight, water uptake, shape and size retention.

2: Adidas Performance Finale 15 Capitano Soccer Ball:

· Matchless ball for the young ones.

· Durable, high quality, machine stitched.

· The size of the ball is three and is for ages 8 and less.

3: Mikasa D49 Soccer Ball:

· Its color is navy blue and gold.

· For outdoor use.

· Official Soccer ball, part of European championship 2016.

· Size 5 is the official ball size.

· Size 5 is the official ball size.


· Highly long lasting match and training ball made of Japanese PU leather.

· Colorful design for improved visibility and faster
player reactions.

· Zero Wing latex bladder.

· Lively bounce, optimal roundness and 32-hand-stitched panels for a straight flight in the air.



· 32-panel construction combined with golf structured PU-surface ensures optimal aerodynamics

The Numero 10 has been constructed with a PU material laminated with neoprene foam to increase the softness. Additionally, a new golf ball textured PU-surface and the 32 hand stitched panel design ensures optimal aerodynamics.

6. Adidas Madrid Final 19 Official Match Ball - Soccer Ball

This is the ultimate soccer ball. Highest FIFA rating for quality, FIFA Pro. This Champions League ball passed tests for weight, water uptake, shape, and size retention. COVER: Thermally bonded, 100% PU leather in the star panel design.

100% polyurethane cover, Thermally bonded seamless surface, FIFA Quality Pro certified, UEFA Champions League logo on cover, and Butyl bladder

​7. Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball 2018

New six panel design with a seamless, thermal-bonded construction, Distinct 3-D texture for greater control and grip

New carcass construction inside for greater force distribution on shots, Updated digital Telstar pattern inspired by the original adidas World Cup ball used in 1970.

Embedded NFC chip enables you to interact with the ball using a smartphone

8: Nike Merlin Soccer Ball 2019 White-Crimson-Black:

Designed with a 12-panel configuration to reduce seams, create a wider striking surface, and offer accurate flight.

Latex bladder is wrapped in cloth to maintain air pressure and keep the ball in shape. 37% synthetic/33% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton.

Nike Merlin Football FEWER SEAMS, BIGGER SWEET SPOT. Tech innovation arrives on the pitch in the Nike Merlin Football.​

9: Select Numero 10:

Numero 10 comes with many colors and designs to choose from.The ball is hand-stitched and does comply with IMS (International Match Standard) regulations.

  • The Optimal Price/Performance soccer ball
  • Soft, durable 1.5mm polyurethane cover and zero-wing latex bladder for optimal touch and bounce
  • NCAA and NFHS Approved; Made with FPUS 1500 synthetic leather
  • 2 year warranty

10: Brine Championship

Brine's Championship II soccer ball features a premium high-performance glossy PU cover and Brine-Engineered Air Retention (B.E.A.R.) bladder system for the highest level of foot-feel, balance, and playability. Hand-stitched. Optimal for match-level play. NFHS approved. 

This ball is hand-stitched and its cover is made from Polyurethane (PU) which provides a good experience on the field.

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